IRIS.TV integrates Reticle emotional AI for contextual targeting

Monday, October 4th, 2021 
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Reticle Integrates with IRIS.TV

  • Reticle, the leader in Emotional AI for digital advertising, will integrate with IRIS.TV, offering video-level emotional analysis

TORONTO — Reticle, the leading Emotional AI for digital advertising, announced today its integration with IRIS.TV, the leading video data platform. Marketers will now be able to use Reticle’s emotional data signals to contextually target relevant, brand-safe inventory across thousands of IRIS-enabled™ premium publishers on connected TV and video worldwide.

Reticle’s Emotional AI has a taxonomy of 19+ positive emotional signals, enabling advertisers to match the emotional tone of their ad with prospective advertising placements to enhance ad viewing experiences. With this partnership, Reticle’s leadership position in emotional targeting will now be applied to online video and CTV inventory through IRIS.TV’s video data platform.

IRIS.TV simplifies the complexity and fragmentation of the video ecosystem across CTV and premium digital video, providing access, for the first time, to video-level data. Before IRIS.TV, contextual and brand-safety data for videos was only available by analyzing the text on a web page, and was an impossibility for CTV. Now, marketers can put every video in context to confidently buy CTV and premium video inventory based on video-level contextual and brand-safety analysis and according to the specific topical nature of every video, in concert with Reticle.

“Supply transparency, brand safety, and genre targeting should be table stakes. Through our partnership with IRIS.TV, brands can now leverage Brand Optimal, video-level contextual data to ensure every dollar spent on premium OLV and CTV effectively activates against brand communications strategies, reinforces creative messaging, increases ad relevance, and maximizes media effectiveness,” said Jonah Cait, VP of Product.

“We’re excited to welcome Reticle to our video data ecosystem,” said Field Garthwaite, Co-Founder and CEO, IRIS.TV. “Reticle is the industry leader in emotional AI and offers an extremely unique solution for marketers seeking to align their brand with consumers at the right moment. Reticle customers can now unlock these capabilities across all IRIS-enabled online video and CTV inventory, which is a huge win for brands, publishers, and viewers…”

IRIS.TV unites thousands of potential integrations into a single ecosystem, bringing together publishers, data partners, ad servers, and SSPs into a platform that allows publishers’ video content to be analyzed and categorized into industry-accepted brand-safe and contextual segments that can be purchased by marketers through any DSP via direct, private marketplace, and open auction buying.

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