IRIS.TV and GroupM partner on content IDs

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 
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IRIS.TV and GroupM Partner to Unlock Video-Level Data for CTV and Online Video

  • GroupM will leverage the IRIS_ID to Target Contextual and Brand Suitability Data in Streaming Video

NEW YORK — IRIS.TV, the leading content data platform, has partnered with GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, to leverage the IRIS_ID as the primary method for accessing video-level data enriched by contextual and brand-suitability data partners. The IRIS_ID is a universal content identifier that allows IRIS-enabled™ publishers to securely share video-level data to power advertising applications in streaming media. The partnership is launching through GroupM Premium Marketplace (GPM) and is a significant step towards improving video advertising performance and delivering better outcomes for advertisers and premium publishers alike.

Brands recognize the value of leveraging content IDs as signals to reach relevant viewers in streaming as their investments in the market increase year-over-year. Through IRIS.TV’s content ID, the IRIS_ID, GroupM’s GPM will leverage various video-level contextual and brand-suitability data partners for programmatic deal targeting via the Magnite Streaming and DV+ platforms.

The partnership brings an exciting prospect of increased spending for IRIS-enabled™ publishers who can now offer highly targeted advertising opportunities and comprehensive reporting on campaign performance. With access to valuable data-driven insights and video-level data, publishers now have the means to deliver superior outcomes for advertisers and enhance consumer experiences.

“Streaming is a digital medium with personalized content and ads for every device as opposed to linear, where audiences see the same programming all at once. Without the right technology, publishers cannot help advertisers know if they are reaching relevant audiences,” said Field Garthwaite, CEO and Co-Founder of IRIS.TV. “GroupM is leading the industry on breakthroughs in utilizing data to drive value for advertisers, which will deliver better consumer experiences and help brands achieve better ROI.”

Unlike traditional approaches that limit access to video-level data, the IRIS_ID is a privacy-by-design approach that allows publishers to securely make video-level data available, actionable, and useful for the entire advertising ecosystem. Through their integrations with IRIS.TV, the leading contextual and brand suitability companies are bringing their AI-based solutions from display and YouTube to streaming and CTV. Initial data partners that will be made available to GPM via the IRIS_ID will include KERV AI, Oracle Advertising, Pixability, Precise TV, Silverbullet’s 4D, Silverpush, and Reticle AI.

“We are pleased to partner with IRIS.TV and leverage their video-level targeting across the GroupM Premium Marketplace,” said Kevin Sheehan, Director, Programmatic Investment, GroupM. “We have an ironclad commitment to brand-suitable advertising on every medium, and the IRIS_ID provides a level of transparency that enhances the way we invest in CTV environments.”

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