CIMM and the ARF release media measurement Lexicon 4.0

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 
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CIMM and the ARF Release Lexicon 4.0: A Common Language for Media Measurement

NEW YORK, NY — The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) and the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation), today announced the release of their fourth iteration of a common language for media measurement, Lexicon 4.0, which includes a compilation of terms and definitions for the industry.

Originally developed in 2010 to create a common language that would facilitate the integration of Return Path Data (RPD), the Lexicon has since been updated in 2012, 2016 and now 2021 to emulate the expansion of the industry. Lexicon 4.0 now includes terms and definitions across the following categories:

• TV & Cross-Platform Video Measurement (Converged TV)
• CTV and OTT, Streaming Apps and Platforms
• Interactive TV (iTV)
• T-Commerce or Shoppable TV
• Advanced and Addressable TV
• Return Path Data and Set-Top Boxes, Cable & Satellite TV distribution (MVPDs) and vMPVDs
• Smart TVs and ACR
• Programmatic Buying & Selling
• Dynamic Ad Insertion
• Digital Ad Tech & E-Commerce
• Virtual Reality
• NeuroScience
• Internet of Things
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• Social Media
• Walled Gardens
• Fraud and Brand Safety
• Privacy & Data Security

“Since the inception of our Lexicon, the industry has witnessed innovations across a variety of areas – from cross-platform and connected TV, to the the digitization of content and advertising, privacy and data security, programmatic, AI and more,” said Jane Clarke, CEO and Managing Director at CIMM. “With these innovations came a natural opportunity for us to revisit the Lexicon, as we have done in years past, and work with the industry to update our common language to reflect the current state of media measurement.”

Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer at the ARF, added: “We have long seen the need for the industry to have common languages to ensure we are all activating against the same terminology. Lexicons are a major undertaking well worth the investment, and this edition for media measurement is no exception.”

Sourced from companies, committees, consortiums and organizations across the industry, Lexicon 4.0, now has over 4,000 terms and definitions.

Links: CIMM; Advertising Research Foundation