CIMM to develop Guide to Converged TV Measurement Providers in the U.S.

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 
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CIMM Announces Development of A Guide to Converged TV Measurement Providers In The US

  • Study with The Project X Institute and TVREV to provide an overview of the current ecosystem and a deep dive on cross-platform audience measurement providers

NEW YORK, NY — The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), today announced its initiative to develop a Guide to Converged TV Measurement Providers, which upon completion will provide a landscape of the entire Converged TV measurement ecosystem in the U.S, as well as a comparative analysis of the companies who are conducting converged TV audience measurement. At a time of renewed interest in new measurement solutions, the goal of the Guide is to help all industry participants objectively understand the various players, their capabilities and services.

Created in partnership with The Project X Institute and TVREV, the Guide will provide an overview of the current landscape and wider TV data ecosystem, as well as in-depth profiles of the major providers of cross-platform TV and video audience measurement services, including all forms of linear and streaming across all devices.

“With the increase of streaming and viewing across connected platforms, new industry initiatives, buy-side demands for more comprehensive measurement and, of course, the growing range of providers, the pace of change at which the industry is now accelerating is rapid,” said Jane Clarke, CEO and Managing Director at CIMM. “This has propelled the need for us to take a look at the key converged TV measurement providers across and create an impartial guide to dispel any confusion that might exist across the industry.”

The study will assess:

  • What is being measured – content, advertising, video starts, time spent, reach, frequency, etc.
  • Services provided, unique capabilities and differentiators
  • Key clients and retained customers
  • Key data sources for TV and digital video – set top box (STB), automatic content recognition (ACR), panels, etc.
  • Which platforms and services are being measured and at what level
  • Over the air measurement approach
  • Data integration methodology
  • Use of panels to assign “persons viewing”
  • ID resolution
  • Plans for managing future disruptions

“Given the high levels of interest in converged TV measurement, and the subsequent high probability that this measurement will be the norm for many years to come, the time is now for us to take stock of the major measurement providers. Our plan isto create comparative profiles and key takeaways about the current state of the industry,” said Jon Watts, of the Project X Institute and Incoming MD of CIMM. “Alan Wolk and I are thrilled to collaborate with CIMM and its members and look forward to working with participating measurement providers to create this invaluable industry resource.”

The Guide to Converged TV Measurement Providers initiative was announced today during a CIMM Webinar on “Demystifying Converged TV Measurement: Four Building Blocks.” Findings from the Guide will be presented at CIMM’s 11th Annual Converged TV Measurement and Data Summit on February 16-17, 2022.

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