OpenAP launches TV cross-platform measurement framework powered by OpenID

Thursday, December 9th, 2021 
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OpenAP Launches XPm, TV’s Cross-Platform Measurement Framework Powered by OpenID

  • XPm will enable independent measurement companies to deliver key metrics the industry has been waiting for including unique deduplicated cross-publisher and cross-platform reach and frequency
  • The VAB’s Measurement Task Force will create standards and establish controls for how measurement companies use TV publisher data to produce XPm reporting
  • GroupM, dentsu and Horizon Media are among the first agencies to participate in the beta program

NEW YORK — OpenAP, the advanced advertising company bringing simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns in television, today announced the launch of XPm, the new cross-platform measurement framework backed by national TV publishers that will provide advertisers with more choice in measurement solutions by helping facilitate an open and independent measurement ecosystem. TV publishers now have a common solution to proactively deliver on marketplace demands and usher the industry from siloed measurement of linear and streaming viewership to ID-based targeting and measurement. XPm is the collective TV publisher response to the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) call to evolve to a cross-screen media measurement framework for marketers.

XPm is built on the central TV identity spine, OpenID, and powers the sharing of campaign exposure data with third-party measurement companies in privacy safe environments. The framework enables the resolution of data to OpenIDs so that unified ID-based audiences can be used for both targeting and measurement, and it facilitates cross-platform reporting on campaigns that span multiple publishers across both linear and premium digital video viewing environments. As a result, advertisers whose campaign was run using OpenIDs will benefit from post-campaign XPm reporting insights that include baseline metrics such as deduplicated unique cross-platform reach, total cross-platform impressions and average frequency per OpenID reached.

David Levy, CEO of OpenAP, said: “Holistic cross-screen advertising has been an elusive challenge that publishers, measurement providers and advertisers alike have been grappling with for too long. New innovations have made it possible to use the same IDs for campaign targeting and as for measurement, giving marketers the ability to understand not only how many people were reached but who specifically was reached across all screens. We believe cross-platform measurement at the ID level is the future for TV advertising, and we’re thrilled to link arms with our partners to bring optionality and more choice of solutions to market.”

The VAB, as part of its new Measurement Innovation Task Force, will operate as the governing body of XPm in order to create common standards and establish controls on how data is used on behalf of TV publishers. Measurement company requirements will be defined by the Task Force, with all solutions subject to validation and verification by the VAB to ensure transparency of methodology and technical integration with OpenID. Participating XPm measurement companies include Comscore, iSpot, Nielsen, VideoAmp and 605, with Innovid offering enhancements to digital measurement for use in XPm reporting. GroupM, dentsu and Horizon Media have also joined as the first agencies to pilot the framework for XPm reporting insights.

“This is a seminal moment for the TV ecosystem, which is only just at the beginning of an era of tremendous innovation, collaboration and transparency. The future of video advertising will be built on and shaped by modern measurement solutions that allow for competition in the marketplace and more choice for advertisers — which is delivered by this initiative on an open stage. The coming months and year ahead will be defined as a period of game-changing advancement for our industry,” said Sean Cunningham, President and CEO, VAB.

“Measurement that keeps pace with our industry’s rapidly changing shift to on-demand consumption and addressable advertising can only be scaled when buyers and sellers get behind an idea and support it,” said Matt Sweeney, GroupM NA Chief Investment Officer. “OpenAP’s OpenID and XPm solution is a critical step in making true cross-platform measurement and audience delivery a reality for our clients.”

In development since early 2020, XPm has undergone an extensive development stage to establish the necessary connections with measurement companies, data providers and publisher systems and entered beta in late summer of 2021. OpenAP will collaborate with all involved parties in a continued XPm reporting beta period to review data, test results and collect further inputs from both publishers and advertisers ahead of the target launch of XPm reporting in Q1 2022.

Today XPm solves cross-platform use cases for television as a joint industry collaboration between OpenAP, the VAB, ANA and TV publishers.

“The XPm framework provides for the central collection and access to proprietary digital and addressable TV impression data that has not been available before,” said ANA Group EVP Bill Tucker, who oversees the ANA Data Tech Measurement and Addressable Media practice. “This data set will be contributory with other first party TV data sets and will enable us to measure TV consistent with WFA and ANA CMM principles and pilot testing. The ANA’s CMM model has been a critical catalyst for marketers in pushing the industry toward true cross-media measurement. The work being done by OpenAP and the VAB will help facilitate the critical data sets needed for this initiative. We are excited to continue our partnership with OpenAP and applaud VAB’s commitment to transparency and accountability via a certification program which supports establishing TV data being a part of the ANA CMM initiative.”

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