WarnerMedia Ad Sales chooses measurement partners

Thursday, January 6th, 2022 
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WarnerMedia Completes Alternative Measurement Partner Discovery Process

  • Comscore, iSpot and VideoAmp selected as measurement partners by WarnerMedia in an effort to vet alternative currencies

NEW YORK, NY — WarnerMedia Ad Sales today announced it has completed its preliminary discovery process for alternative measurement partners as it looks to adopt audience based currencies in conjunction with traditional panel based surveys. Comscore, iSpot.tv and VideoAmp have been selected as the partners that can add the most value for WarnerMedia’s inventory and advertisers.

WarnerMedia is now engaging in a test-and-learn to develop a more expansive portfolio of measurement solutions for its clients and partners.

As the marketplace has moved more towards data-driven methods of advertising optimization, choice and diversification of measurement models is a mandate for the future. WarnerMedia has vetted and selected the shortlist of partners to test alternative measures of TV ad performance specifically for counting against audiences, while providing linear and cross platform measurement with greater efficiency.

“WarnerMedia is committing to a consultative, tailored, audience-based approach to provide advertisers with full campaign evaluation,” said Andrea Zapata, head of research, data and insights for WarnerMedia Ad Sales. “We are building the world’s most effective video advertising service and we are excited to test alternative measurement solutions to better inform media planning and buying, and ensure the full impact of an advertiser’s investment is captured.”

By creating a framework for alternative currencies, WarnerMedia is addressing the challenge marketers have with measuring audiences and advertising impact when media consumption has shifted from traditional linear television to connected television.

“Kicking off 2022 by partnering with WarnerMedia to allow advertisers and agencies the ability to evaluate new measurement across its media inventory is exciting and truly leading the industry to harness the future – now!” said Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer of Comscore. “WarnerMedia has been a partner for nearly two decades and we are proud to have helped support all of their innovative solutions and believe this test and learn will bring the most value to the marketplace.”

Through this test-and-learn phase with Comscore, iSpot.tv and VideoAmp, WarnerMedia will provide participating advertisers with greater visibility into the return on ad spend across their award-winning IP and implement an audience-based approach to inform media planning and buying for advertisers.

“Replicating the current system is not innovative and doesn’t bring the industry forward. Every second of advertising across platforms, and specific audience segments can and should be verified and measured along with programming,” said Stuart Schwartzapfel, SVP of media partnerships at iSpot. “But beyond a better, faster system of quantifying audience, the technologies are now in place to measure the very real impact Warner delivers to brands. From offering attention rates to business outcomes at scale, a fresh, transparent approach helps brands invest with confidence, enables WarnerMedia to demonstrate the value it delivers and ultimately allows both to create a better experience for consumers.”

“This is a pivotal moment as the industry makes a once in a lifetime shift away from legacy television currencies to solve decades old problems that have plagued the advertising ecosystem. We couldn’t be more energized to collaborate with Warner Media and take yet another step towards a more sophisticated measurement and currency system. A system that is truly cross-platform, supports traditional and advanced audiences, plus attribution, and allows for both sides to unlock new value and win. VideoAmp is prepared to do whatever it takes to support our customer’s mission,” said Ross McCray, founder & CEO of VideoAmp.

Advertisers leveraging WarnerMedia’s iconic IP, brands and franchises, and coveted audience access can now have a more diverse and accurate measurement framework. Beyond the fundamentals of reach and frequency, WarnerMedia will also be expanding the discovery process to account for attention metrics and outcomes-based solutions in 2022.

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