Germany - Digital cable TV in more households than DTT

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 
Association of German Cable Operators logo

BONN / BERLIN — According to the Association of German Cable Operators (ANGA), taking results from a survey report by Gemeinsamen Stelle Digitaler Zugang (GSDZ) released today at IFA in Berlin, more households than ever now receive television and other digital services on cable.

The number of households taking digital TV from cable operators in Germany has grown to 4.1 million, up 900,000 compared with the previous year. This represents a growth of 28 percent and accounts for 23.9% of all digital TV households.

Despite the switching-off of analogue terrestrial television, only 3.9 million households receive television via DVB-T.

At 19.6 million households, more than half of all TV households (52.5 percent) in Germany have cable TV. This compares with satellite which has a market share of 42 percent or 15.7 million households. 21% of cable households are now digital.

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