FAST Channels TV white label OTT platform launches

Friday, February 18th, 2022 
FAST Channels TV logo

FAST Channels TV™ Launches and Expands it’s offering to over 170+ Channels

TORONTO — FAST Channels TV™ platform launched today to target global OTT Content distribution. FAST Channels TV is a state of the art platform helping deploy content to video projects across the world by simplifying the path to success for content holders.

The platform is a fully developed system for channel playout with automation, a full robust 170+ channel lineup along with distribution services, to easily reach the digital age audience. The free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) industry is expected to grow to $4.1 billion with 216 million monthly active users in the coming years per nScreenMedia, and with the technology provided by FAST Channels this will help expedite the growth.

FAST Channels TV has been established by seasoned professionals in the area of OTT technologies for VOD and Linear TV. This new offering can be bundled with white label end-user video apps, middleware, FAST SSAI monetization, DRM and security services, transcoding, and further monetization including subscription services.

FAST Channels TV serves as an innovative partner to fulfill the need for FAST Content and technological needs, with a low touchpoint for content rights owners to distribute their video libraries. FAST Channels TV will provide end-to-end services to streaming platforms looking for growing reach in the digital landscape, with advances in adtech.

“The launch of FAST Channels TV is meant to be a simple solution for video projects in this digital world and OTT consumption. We have the ability to provide FAST content to fully maximize on the technology side for our client’s needs” said Russell Foy, FAST Channels TV CEO. “We are launching the FAST Channels TV platform to expand efficiently in the FAST SSAI world.”

Channel categories in this lineup include news, sports, lifestyle, food and health with notable channels including: Hollywood Classic Movies, Comedy Classics and SportTVPlus. A sample of the line-up of the channels for an immediate launch available here: FAST Channels TV Lineup Package.

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