3SS and ContentWise to use AI to power personalized user experiences

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 
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3SS and ContentWise Partner to Unleash the Power of AI for Personalized User Experiences

MILAN, Italy and STUTTGART, Germany — 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-top boxes (STB) and multiscreen entertainment, and ContentWise, trailblazing provider of user experience (UX) personalization and audience analytics technologies, today announce their new partnership. Together they intend to transform UX personalization possibilities through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to the benefit of service providers and their subscribers alike.

3Ready Control Center for unified cross-device UX management

ContentWise helps media brands deliver rich, bespoke, and smart digital user experiences at every touchpoint. Operators use its AI technology to process user data and content metadata to orchestrate and personalize, in real-time, the user interface (UI) and UX for millions of subscribers, providing each with a unique, individual experience.

3SS has a proven track record in enabling operators around the globe to deliver advanced, customized entertainment experiences while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiencies.

They are combining their complementary technologies to create a highly capable joint solution. ContentWise’s UX Engine is being integrated with award-winning 3Ready Control Center, 3SS’ powerful UX management and optimization platform. The partners are currently collaborating on major operator projects.

The new joint solution will go far beyond simply generating better recommendations. It harnesses AI and ML to create a personalization powerhouse that delivers a leading edge, highly adaptive UX closely aligned with each viewer’s interests and tastes.

3Ready Control Center for unified cross-device UX management 3Ready Control Center is the editorial platform for a service’s managers, editors and marketing teams to create and dynamically refine the UX. Content curators will benefit from a flexible solution to optimize recommendations associated with any selected content item, module, or whole page. Additionally, all an operator’s apps can be managed in a unified way, from a single location.

This new joint solution unleashes the full potential of what AI can achieve in experience management. The combination of AI-informed personalization, proven UX optimization, plus automation, yields an operator-centric set of capabilities and toolset that can transform the UX and galvanize the operator-subscriber relationship. As a result, it will help operators’ marketing teams and business planners achieve their business objectives, increase viewer engagement, grow revenues and reduce churn.

“We want to empower service providers to create strong 1:1 connections with each subscriber, while at the same time, making operators’ lives easier,” says Paolo Romano, Product Manager at ContentWise.

“With our solution’s AI and the ability to surface meaningful data, we can bring true value via user-tailored experiences, meanwhile, we’re simplifying day-to-day UX management operations for service providers,” Romano added.

Text Description automatically generated with low confidence“Personalization has become a top priority for operators everywhere, but achieving it is complex: There is so much information out there, operators need to make sense of it all and highlight the most relevant content to drive consumer engagement,” said Tomasz Dzikowski, Product Owner at 3SS.

“Merging 3Ready Control Center’s powerful UX optimization functionality with ContentWise’s advanced AI and ML capabilities enables the creation of captivating, truly individualized experiences,” Dzikowski added.

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