Robustness is Key with Launch of ANT Galio 3.0

Friday, September 5th, 2008 

ANT Launches ANT Galio 3.0 at IBC 2008

ANT Software (LSE: ANTP), the provider of software and services for the delivery of digital TV, today announced the release of ANT Galio 3.0 – its next generation software suite enabling network operators, content developers and set-top box manufacturers to provide rich and dynamic multimedia services across a range of devices and a variety of media sources. The latest version will launched at IBC 2008 and enable content providers to push a greater range of media to audiences backed by a more robust platform.

ANT has reinforced its commitment to open standards with ANT Galio 3.0 and was accepted as a member of the Open IPTV Forum earlier this year. The latest advances to both ANT Galio Browser and ANT Galio Client demonstrate ANT’s Platform consolidation; the company is building on these foundations with the introduction of a range of core applications, such as the Electronic Program Guide, Personal Video Recorder, Video on Demand, Zapper and Parental Control.

ANT is a long time supporter of an open standards approach to their software architecture. This latest release passes the Acid2 test suite, a benchmark which is published and promoted by the Web Standards Project and is written to encourage browsers to support the features that designers would like to make use of. By using open standards and providing extensive developer support tools, ANT is able to reduce integration and development time, enabling a faster time to market and lower project costs for content developers.

“The release of ANT Galio 3.0 represents a fantastic opportunity to build on the success of the previous version of the platform. Our commitment to an open standards approach means that developers have the tools to build and implement more varied and compelling applications. With the new release they can continue to innovate with the added security of a robust platform and a quicker time to market,” said Richard Baker, executive vice president, sales and marketing, ANT.

The ANT Galio Platform is made up of the ANT Galio Browser and the ANT Galio Client. The 3.0 release remains focused on delivering performance and functionality without compromising the stability of the set-top box. ANT Galio 3.0 provides content developers with a flexible environment where they can create compelling content for consumers without impacting the performance of the set-top box.

IBC 2008 runs from 12th – 16th September, ANT is exhibiting in the IPTV Zone, Stand Number IP154. ANT will be demonstrating a DVB-IP hybrid solution running the latest ANT Galio Core Applications and exploring community based services.