MetaX expands content offer with FAST Channels TV

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 
FAST Channels TV logo

MetaX Expands with 180 New Channels from FAST Channels TV

  • FAST Channels TV partners with MetaX to expand its FAST linear TV catalog

MetaX Software, a global leader in advertising operation and OTT commercialization on CTV (Connected TV), has added 180 new channels to its linear TV catalog, providing viewers access to a huge selection of free ad-supported television (FAST) titles from FAST Channels TV. The new line-up offers premium entertainment channels, family-friendly content, as well as sports programming, including Must See Movies!, Yoga Fit, FITE 24/7, Edgy TV, Hollywood Classic Movies, Kung Fu Movies, Urban Action Channel, GTR24H, AWE Plus, Iron Dragon TV, Law and Crime, World Poker Tour, Passion River TV, HORRORMAX TV, Wild America TV, TRACE Latina, Xcorps, and many others.

MetaX’s head of OTT operation business, Arella Hua, commented: “MetaX currently covers about 25 million OTT devices and over 80 million global users, with five million monthly active users. Leveraging its unique strength on CTV screens, MetaX is dedicated to helping advertisers effectively target their audiences and content providers distribute and commercialize inventory on a global scale.”

On partnering with MetaX, CEO of Fast Channels TV, Russell Foy, said, “MetaX has quickly evolved as a favorite content destination for family, sport, film, and documentary content, and this partnership puts hundreds of FAST linear channels in front of MetaX’s worldwide audiences.”

FAST Channels TV is continuing to expand its channel offering, delivering a huge variety of content across diverse territories along with distribution services.

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