Mometu launches streaming service with FAST Channels TV

Monday, September 12th, 2022 
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Mometu and FAST Channels TV launch original streaming service

FAST Channels TV™ has announced a new agreement with start-up streaming service, Mometu (Mo-Me-Tu), providing premium live and on-demand programming together with a complete OTT media platform package.

Meaning “more for me and you,” Mometu is dedicated to the discovery of thought-provoking movies, documentaries, TV series, and live channels. What sets Mometu apart is its catalog of over 10,000 hand-curated titles – compiled without the use of AI – that bring greater representation to under-the-radar creatives and contains cult favorites that can no longer be found online.

FAST Channels TV-mometu

Fast Channels TV expands on Mometu’s vast selection of carefully curated content, bringing more than 200 free advertiser-supported television (FAST) linear channels, and 100s of video on demand (VOD) assets, to the streaming platform. In addition, Mometu has leveraged FAST Channels TV’s entire suite of products and services including middleware, security, monetization, and standard apps, for a complete end-to-end white label branded OTT platform.

“Mometu strives to deliver an experience viewers won’t find anywhere else, collaborating with filmmakers to bring greater diversity to the streaming world, and improve distribution access for creators,” said Bryan Louzil, Vice President of Business Development for Mometu. “FAST Channels TV enabled our vision, allowing us to launch this brand-new service that allows viewers to enjoy our inspiring shows, movies and documentaries for free; anytime, anywhere.”

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, commented: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Mometu. Our combined portfolio will provide global audiences with a new way to access captivating content they may not have ordinarily discovered and our technology will help to expand Mometu’s distribution footprint and build new paths to monetization.

“This partnership speaks to the growing popularity of FAST TV, both from a distributor and a consumer perspective, and we look forward to developing our services in this dynamic era of entertainment,” continued Foy.

FAST Channels TV works with content owners and platforms to provide additional content, technology, apps, and monetization services, allowing our partners to focus their resources on securing additional premium content and the marketing efforts that will define a project’s success.

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