IPTV is coming"¦ Interoperability taken a step further

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Widespread deployment of IPTV services is currently hampered by a lack of interoperability among products. The Open IPTV Forum, the pan-industry initiative that was established to produce an end-to-end solution, is now fulfilling that promise. The Forum is pleased to announce that a number of detailed system and protocol specifications for Release 1 have been finalized at its meeting in Berlin, Sep 8 – 11.

Those specifications will allow the industry to deploy IPTV networks and devices that inter-operate, while offering an evolution path for the future. Such networks and devices will allow the industry to deliver IPTV services that are easy to use as well as attractive to the end user..

The specifications cover the following areas to ensure a high level of interoperability:

  • Audio/Video Media Formats
  • Content Metadata
  • Protocols for Home Network, User-Network and Network-Network interfaces
  • Declarative Application Environment
  • Procedural Application Environment
  • Content and Service Protection

An additional overview document will provide a guide to using these specifications to deliver the services described in the Service and Platform Requirements and Services and Functions for Release 1. Work has also begun on creating test specifications to aid interoperability testing of the interfaces exposed by these specifications.

The specifications will be published by mid November at the Forum’s web site.

The Forum will present its current activities at the upcoming IBC trade show event on Sept. 12 – 17 (IBC2008 Business Briefings Saturday September 13th 09.30 and 15.30) and at the Master Class, jointly held with MPEGIF on Sept. 11th 14.00-17.30), as well as in the IPTV Zone where you can find us in Pod IP254.