Axinom adds support for FAST channel creation

Thursday, September 8th, 2022 
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Axinom Mosaic Now Supports the Creation of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV Channels (FAST)

FÜRTH — Axinom, an expert in modular and robust video streaming solutions, announces support of FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) Channels through Axinom Mosaic.

Axinom Mosaic has now been extended with workflows to create unique channel experiences out of video libraries, be it ad-supported as FAST and other business models. This is made possible via the introduction of three new service offerings. Axinom Channel Service and Cue Point Service that are managed SaaS offerings; additionally, Axinom VOD-to-Live Service, which is open-source, in order to provide the highest flexibility for integrations.

Axinom Channel Service allows you to programmatically create FAST channels by simply combining and scheduling video assets into a timeline. Adding cue points on each video is streamlined with the Axinom Cue Point Service, giving you granular control over when ads/trailers and other information are to be shown at a channel level. Axinom’s VOD-to-Live service allows the integration of standard packaging systems and enables the repurposing of VOD assets into live linear streams. The implementation also supports server-side ad insertion engines, open to both own or third-party ad exchanges. As a first implementation, we’ve partnered with Unified Streaming, a forerunner in video delivery technology, to convert VOD to linear streams.

Editors are able to access FAST workflows within the same management user interface and experience that Axinom Mosaic offers. Furthermore, the platform offers end-to-end content protection, including encoding, encryption, watermarking, multi-DRM protection, and identification.

“FAST maximizes the monetization potential of overall video libraries and brings the lean-back experience of traditional TV into the streaming world. With Axinom Mosaic, you now have the ability to spin up and schedule FAST channels within a rich media asset management interface”, says Ralph Wagner, Chief Executive Officer at Axinom. “Our workflows carry a high degree of customizability to offer service providers the flexibility in defining their channel experiences, whether it be ad-supported or other modes of channel monetization.”

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