WideOrbit launches ZingX buy-side platform for U.S. local TV

Thursday, January 12th, 2023 
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WideOrbit Launches ZingX, Offering Buyers Direct Access to Premium Sell-Side TV Inventory

  • Unique to the industry, ZingX connects TV ad buyers and sellers through automation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — WideOrbit, the market leader in broadcast TV and radio inventory and revenue workflow management, today announced the launch of ZingX™, the only buy-side platform offering direct access to inventory from thousands of broadcast TV stations using WideOrbit’s premium sell-side exchange, WO Marketplace. ZingX provides a national footprint, with 184 out of 210 markets providing 87% effective US national reach, fulfilled with inventory from local television stations.

ZingX provides media buyers direct access to broadcast TV ad inventory from thousands of local stations across the US. With technology that automates transaction and campaign optimization processes, ZingX makes it shockingly easy for media buyers, agencies, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) to add local TV to their omnichannel campaigns, expanding reach and improving campaign performance. ZingX activates local TV station inventory from more than 180 designated market areas (DMA), including all the top 120 DMAs.

ZingX uses automation to simplify TV ad buying into an intuitive, three-step process.

  1. Build a campaign, defining budget, CPM goals, audience, target markets and dayparts.
  2. Preview allocated impressions and budgets and adjust if needed.
  3. Submit to stations and track delivery. Impressions are automatically reallocated as spots air to optimize CPM and budget goals.

ZingX offers a cloud-based, user-friendly interface for easy updates and accessibility, making it easy for buyers to create, manage, and measure their campaigns from anywhere, anytime. Broadcast TV is a trusted, premium complement to digital, CTV, and OTT omnichannel campaigns, helping amplify and extend advertisers’ messaging to increase brand awareness and boost conversions.

“Our two-year partnership with WideOrbit has made broadcast TV extraordinarily simple for our clients to buy, putting large audiences and scalability at their fingertips,” said Michelle Ricciuti, Director, Media Strategy at Bliss Point Media, part of Tinuiti. “The addition of broadcast TV complements our branded performance approach with patented tech to build brand value, acquire customers, and boost digital conversions.”

WideOrbit is the system of record for more than $37 billion in advertising spend annually, for over 6,000 radio and TV stations and networks, including 90% of local US broadcast TV stations. ZingX is the only buy-side platform offering direct access to inventory from local TV stations that use WideOrbit’s sell-side exchange, WO Marketplace, leveraging automation to simplify transaction processes for impression-based local TV ad buys.

ZingX is integrated with Comscore’s Local Market Television Measurement to provide the data advertisers need to reach impression targets based on market and/or daypart, rather than making specific program buys. “Broadcast TV remains the most effective way to reach large numbers of consumers,” said Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer at Comscore. “We are excited to expand our longstanding partnership with WideOrbit to help power automation that allows advertisers to easily reach audiences across local markets and demographics.”

“With over 20 years’ experience as the leader in premium broadcast technology and the largest sell-side processor of premium advertising, WideOrbit is excited to bring that expertise to the buy side with ZingX,” said Eric Mathewson, WideOrbit Founder and CEO. “Optimized for the buyer, ZingX leverages WO Marketplace, our sell-side platform broadcasters already use, making it easy for buyers to access television’s reach and effectiveness, with the benefits of zero-fraud and brand safety unique to premium local TV advertising.”

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