Ateme 5G streaming integrated with AWS 5G MEC infrastructure

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 
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Ateme’s 5G streaming solution integrates with AWS Wavelength 5G MEC infrastructure

PARIS, France — Ateme, a global leader in video compression, delivery, and streaming solutions with innovation at its core, today announced that its 5G media streaming solution is now integrated into Amazon Web Services’ AWS Wavelength* 5G Mobile-Access Edge Computing (MEC)** infrastructure. The integration was successfully tested in a Wavelength zone within a tier-one operator’s network.

This is an industry-leading deployment of a complete 5G streaming and monetization platform including encoding, packaging, CDN and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) in a 5G MEC architecture. It enables service providers to reduce costs by optimizing their network traffic, while leveraging new monetization possibilities such as targeted advertising during live sports events thanks to low-latency DAI. It also enables both service and content providers to deliver high-quality, low-latency immersive and interactive experiences.

Williams Tovar, 5G Media Streaming Solutions Director, Ateme, said, “After all the talk about 5G, the reality is even more exciting as it opens up innovative opportunities such as immersive content delivery in venues, and AR and VR content offerings that will be game-changing for service and content providers. AWS has an excellent solution with a global footprint, so we are excited to integrate our media streaming solutions into the AWS Wavelength 5G MEC architecture to create the first complete, low-latency streaming solution at the edge.”

Ateme is an active member of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the consortium of standards organizations responsible for developing and maintaining the 5G standards, as well as 5G-Media Action Group (5G-MAG), the industry group in charge of defining and enabling the 5G broadcast ecosystem.

The integrated 5G streaming solution from AWS and Ateme can be seen on the Ateme booth 5G18 at MWC Barcelona from February 27 – March 2 2023.

* AWS Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services within 5G networks, providing mobile edge computing infrastructure for developing, deploying, and scaling ultra-low-latency applications.

** 5G MEC, also known as Multi-access Edge Computing, is a network architecture that enables the deployment of applications at the edges of a 5G cellular network. Implementing MEC at the edge nodes of a 5G network aims to provide efficient network use of computing and communications resources by off-loading network processes and reducing overall network congestion.

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