DVB publishes commercial requirements for next video codec work

Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 
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DVB publishes commercial requirements for forthcoming video codec work

With the latest update of the DVB-AVC specification soon to be published by ETSI, the DVB Project has published two new documents setting out the commercial requirements that will drive the organization’s next phase of work on video codecs. The documents, DVB BlueBooks C105 and C106, are available for download from the DVB website.

DVB Project publishes video codec commercial requirements - document covers

C105: NGVC Phase 2

The second phase of DVB’s work on next-generation video codecs (NGVC) will focus on delivering an enhanced service that builds on an existing base service in a manner that is more efficient than simulcast. Such an enhanced service would upgrade the base service to a significantly better experience, for example increasing spatial resolution, temporal resolution, bit depth or dynamic range.

BlueBook C015 includes benchmarks to select the appropriate solutions. Targeting broadcast and streaming (DVB-DASH) delivery, solutions should provide the base and enhanced services over the same delivery mechanism, with a 30% bitrate saving over simulcast with existing DVB-AVC codecs.

The target is for the solution to become available at most 12 months after the approval of the commercial requirements.

C106: AV1

The DVB Project has also published commercial requirements for AV1. Finalized in March 2018, AV1 is the first video coding standard developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOM).

A commercial opportunity has been identified to extend the DVB toolbox’s coverage for internet service delivery through addition of the AV1 codec. The addition of AV1 could increase the flexibility and interoperability of DVB solutions in internet streaming applications given its widespread adoption and deployment across multiple high-volume consumer devices and extensive use by major global internet streaming services.

C106, “Commercial Requirements for AV1 addition to the DVB toolbox,” outlines support for a variety of streaming applications including video-on-demand, multicast and live linear over broadband. They include verification and validation requirements.

The work to finalize specifications for a revision of TS 101 154 adding AV1 is already well under way.

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