Hisense publishes results of study into TV purchasing decisions

Friday, April 28th, 2023 
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Hisense Devotes to Bring Consumers with Immersive Experience through Innovative TV Products

QINGDAO, China — Leading global home appliance and consumer electronics brand Hisense has today published to results of a study into UK TV owners’ viewing habits as part of its bid to better understand and serve consumers in one of the company’s key international markets.

Factors affecting TV purchasing decision - UK

Hisense exists to provide people with more opportunities to enjoy quality life, and spend time with loved ones over shared interests and passions. While these hobbies and priorities are shared by people across the world, Hisense is aware that having a nuanced understanding of each country and its unique TV culture is an important precursor to international success. Doing so will allow it to service and communicate with local viewers more effectively and authentically.

Catherine Fang, Executive Vice President of Hisense International, said: “Our technology is designed to provide the best audio and visual experience possible. With a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, Hisense will continue to provide consumers with opportunities to give people joyous moments, whether that’s with their loved ones, or for a moment of individual solace.”

The research focussed on Britons’ attitudes to popular TV series – and their theme tunes – and the effect those views have on TV purchasing decisions. Half (49%) of those surveyed for the study watch their favourite shows to relax, and a third (30%) do it as a way of family bonding.

Considering this, it is unsurprising that so many UK households were found to be planning to upgrade their televisions (34%). Picture quality (73%), size of screen (70%) and sound quality (58%) were found to be the biggest priorities among consumers considering a purchase.

Television was widely recognised as playing a key role in British culture, with nearly a third (29%) saying it was a “national pastime” and the same amount claiming that watching good television made them happier.

With the already-announced ULED X and U8 coming to the UK soon, Hisense hopes to provide more high-quality products to establish itself even more firmly in the UK and internationally and bring the ultimate experience to consumer’s life.

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