Vodafone Deutschland deploys Synamedia analytics on its GigaTV service

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023 
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Vodafone gets to the heart of its viewing data with Synamedia Clarissa

LONDON — Leading video software provider Synamedia today announced that Vodafone Deutschland has gone live with Synamedia Clarissa to help evaluate advertising performance and reveal actionable insights into viewing behaviour across its GigaTV service. These business insights will help to create new business opportunities in the advertising industry and drive decisions about future product features and service updates.

Vodafone and its partner AdScanner use event data from Clarissa to measure advertising viewership, while taking into account how viewers’ interactions with the GigaTV service affects the efficacy of an advert. Providing a holistic view across all video and TV data while complying with all GDPR and local advertising standards, Clarissa’s granularity gives Vodafone pin-point accuracy about which viewers are watching a video stream at any given second. This new level of insight further allows Vodafone and their partners to identify new audience segments of interest to advertisers and agencies.

Deployed as-a-service, Synamedia Clarissa currently analyses data from over 1 million devices running GigaTV, including RDK and Android TV set-top boxes (STBs). Clarissa also provides insights to support Vodafone’s use of Synamedia Iris for addressable advertising.

Vodafone is also using Clarissa to inform data-driven decisions such as the development of STB features and how to update services to increase consumption. In one example, by ingesting data across all devices and sources including third-party data, Clarissa took under 24 hours to uncover how many concurrent recording streams Giga TV viewers were accessing, helping to inform decisions about which new capabilities to include in its next generation of STBs.

Wolfgang Zeller, Head of TV Architecture and Development at Vodafone Group, said, “What felt like mission impossible became mission possible thanks to Clarissa. Clarissa gives us a ton of information on the usage of the service from our customers, so we could actually make really data-driven decisions. And, as a managed service which supports our other business insight systems, Clarissa’s integration with our existing infrastructure and third party solutions was seamless and painless, with minimal disruption.”

Amruta Shankar, Director of Data and Analytics at Synamedia, said, “With Clarissa, we’ve created a single source of truth for Vodafone Deutschland to use across the organisation and ensured it was GDPR compliant from the get-go. By normalising all the data into consistent video-aligned metrics, Clarissa offers Vodafone a treasure trove of insights.”

Lucy Norris, EVP and Chief Customer Success Officer, added, “Whether you’re a new entrant to the market or a giant of Vodafone’s stature, delivering an amazing viewing experience while creating new revenues, such as through advertising, is essential. That’s why we care deeply about helping Vodafone deliver a premium service for its subscribers. Clarissa’s actionable insights are the key to a data driven approach.”

Following a multi-year contract announced in April 2020, Vodafone also uses additional elements from Synamedia’s portfolio to manage its cloud based GigaTV platform, including set-top box software and security products.

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