Deutsche Telekom TV subscribers up 50,000 in Germany in 1Q 2023

Thursday, May 11th, 2023 
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BONN — Deutsche Telekom has published its results for Q1 2023.


In its home market, Deutsche Telekom is enjoying rapid customer growth in all areas. In the fixed network, 74,000 households opted for a broadband line from the market leader. Just under 42 percent of consumers are now subscribed to a rate plan offering bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit/s or higher. MagentaTV is enjoying strong growth. It recorded 50,000 net customer additions in the first three months of 2023, almost three times as many as a year earlier. The number of customers using an FTTH line increased by 37 percent year-on-year to 769,000.


The strong growth in customer numbers also continued unabated. Between January and March of this year, the number of broadband lines increased by 83,000, the number of customers using fixed-mobile convergence products by 169,000, and the number of TV customers by 29,000. The mobile contract customer base grew by 104,000.

The TV and entertainment business had a total of 4.2 million customers as of the end of the first quarter of 2023, up slightly by 0.7 % compared with the end of the prior year. This was attributable among other things to the acquisition of exclusive rights to broadcast sports events in the prior year. With both telecommunications providers and OTT players offering TV services, the TV market is already saturated in many countries of our segment.

Customer development – Television (thousands)

                                                             Change                    Change
                                                     Mar. 31, 2023/            Mar. 31, 2023/
                                 Mar. 31,  Dec. 31,   Dec. 31, 2022  Mar. 31,   Mar. 31, 2022
                                     2023      2022               %      2022               %
                                 --------  --------  --------------  --------  --------------
Germany (IPTV, satellite)           4,172     4,122             1.2     4,018             3.8
Europe (IPTV, satellite, cable)     4,160     4,131             0.7     4,050             2.7

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