BrightLine enables layering of branded moments into streamed content

Thursday, July 13th, 2023 
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BrightLine Launches Proteus Experience Engine, Revolutionizing CTV Ad Experiences

  • New Solution Allows Advertisers to Layer Branded Moments into Streamable Content Outside of Existing Ad pods

NEW YORK — BrightLine, the industry standard for advanced CTV ad experiences, today announced the launch of the Proteus Experience Engine, the company’s most significant platform extension since its launch. The new technology will enable streamers to overlay dynamic, interactive, and shoppable moments within shows, films, and sports content outside of traditional ad pods.

Proteus XE technology revolutionizes the advertising experience by enabling major streamers to seamlessly integrate dynamic, interactive, and shoppable moments directly within content, breaking away from the limitations of traditional ad pods. This innovative approach allows streamers and advertisers to create new and engaging CTV ad experiences beyond those powered by BrightLine’s OTT Accelerator suite.

“From day one, our mission has been to transform the viewing experience by incorporating advertising that leverages the full potential of new viewing technologies,” said BrightLine President & Co-Founder, Rob Aksman. “We recognize that ad revenue plays a crucial role in funding diverse and captivating programming, as creating exceptional content often requires substantial budgets. With Proteus XE, streamers now have innovative avenues to engage audiences through interactive and sponsorable enhancements.”

BrightLine has already secured partnerships with prominent streamers who are set to leverage Proteus XE in a variety of ways in the weeks and months to come. Among the launch partners for Proteus XE are Allen Media Group’s The Weather Channel TV app and its Local Now free-streaming app.

“By breaking free from the limitations of the traditional ad pod, we have a remarkable opportunity to help agencies and advertisers engage and cater to viewers in ways that align with their viewing preferences,” said Michael Bologna, BrightLine Chief Accelerator. “Data shows that consumers love to be engaged on their favorite topics and content, which makes our extension into programming itself a huge opportunity. The ability to allow viewers to engage with the content on screen or submit votes during reality and sports programming will revolutionize what’s possible for brands and networks.”

Proteus XE stands as the next evolutionary step in BrightLine’s CTV technology stack, seamlessly complementing its already widely adopted OTT Accelerator offering, which is embraced by every major streamer and ad agency group. With Proteus XE, BrightLine is poised to unlock new frontiers and continue shaping the future of immersive and engaging advertising experiences.

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