Gracenote launches automotive infotainment metadata platform

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 
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Gracenote Launches Advanced Automotive Data Platform Enabling Innovative Cross-Media Experiences in Connected Cars

  • Automakers can delight consumers by connecting them to a wealth of audio, sports and video content across different apps and services

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — Gracenote, the leading global entertainment metadata provider, is announcing its new automotive data platform developed to grant automakers easy access to the company’s industry-leading entertainment datasets to power differentiated in-car media experiences. Gracenote Nexus AutoSM works with Android Automotive OS (AAOS) and other popular auto operating systems enabling car brands to simplify integration with their infotainment offerings, reduce development time and deliver the content-first interfaces consumers want. Gracenote will preview new connected car user experiences built on Nexus Auto at CES 2024.

Representation of a connected car infotainment experience enabled by Gracenote Nexus Auto

Nexus Auto delivers Gracenote’s high-quality metadata for radio stations, streaming music, podcasts, sports, TV shows and movies to new infotainment systems by way of connected APIs. This empowers automakers to create branded in-car entertainment experiences with customizable features and advanced functionalities that work in a broad range of models, ultimately helping them to connect directly with their users.

As connected cars increasingly serve as “third living spaces” for people beyond their homes and places of work, more consumption of a broader range of content is happening inside them. Consequently, in-car entertainment has become a critical focus of automakers seeking to deliver modern user experiences and meet the evolving behaviors and demands of consumers.

“Automakers today see a massive opportunity to drive brand loyalty and build consumer relationships by up-leveling the in-car entertainment experiences they deliver,” said Trent Wheeler, Chief Product Officer at Gracenote. “Providing the industry’s broadest datasets covering the world’s most popular audio, sports and video content, Gracenote is uniquely positioned to help its auto customers delight drivers and passengers who want easy access to entertainment everywhere. We’re excited to launch Nexus Auto which empowers automakers to own relationships with users and realize the full potential of their infotainment offerings.”

A significant challenge automakers face today is presenting a unified infotainment offering that makes content easily accessible no matter where it lives. With Nexus Auto from Gracenote, automakers can deliver content-first experiences that break down barriers between platforms, apps and media types. This enables consumers to engage with their favorite radio stations, music services and video streaming platforms as well as seamlessly link to related content via their car’s native interface. It also allows for personalized recommendations based on content preferences, user activity and other contextual signals, all in an intuitive, driver-friendly UI.

For example, Champions League soccer followers can receive timely match updates when their favorite clubs are playing along with prompts to stream games if parked. “Suits” watchers can binge episodes during an E/V charging session or while waiting for their children’s soccer practice to end and get personalized recommendations for new shows or movies to add to their watchlists. Fans of BTS can blast their favorite tracks on leading music streaming services based on what’s playing on the radio. With the implementation of Nexus Auto, a wide range of new interconnected entertainment experiences open up in the car for consumers.

Gracenote has fueled automotive entertainment innovation since 2001 when the company’s embedded music recognition technology and data first enabled breakthrough in-car listening experiences. Since then, more than 250 million cars powered by Gracenote have shipped globally. With its unmatched entertainment metadata coverage, media identification technologies and advanced delivery capabilities, the company is uniquely positioned to help automakers drive the future of connected car infotainment.

Gracenote is the content data business unit of Nielsen providing entertainment metadata, connected IDs and related offerings to the world’s leading creators, distributors and platforms. Gracenote enables advanced content navigation and discovery capabilities helping individuals easily connect to the TV shows, movies, music, podcasts and sports they love while delivering powerful content analytics making complex business decisions simpler.

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