Lotame supports data interoperability with Unified ID 2.0 adoption

Thursday, January 18th, 2024 
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Lotame Elevates Data Interoperability with Unified ID 2.0 Adoption

  • Integration aims to bridge the industry gap between cross-channel addressability, offering audience activation across desktop, mobile and CTV

NEW YORK, NY — Lotame, the global technology company that makes customer data smarter, faster, and easier to use, today announced its adoption of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) technology to help enhance cross-channel data interoperability. Pioneered by The Trade Desk, UID2 is a leading identity solution that powers data-driven advertising across the open internet. This integration marks a major milestone in addressing the industry-wide challenge posed by the deprecation of third-party cookies and a commitment to more robust, privacy-conscious data solutions.

The partnership extends Lotame’s data capabilities to include audience activation across authenticated ad inventory, helping to ensure comprehensive coverage across display, video and Connected TV (CTV). By making Lotame’s rich data sets available and interoperable via UID2, agencies and advertisers can seamlessly target Lotame audiences on UID2-supported platforms, like The Trade Desk.

“Interoperability with Unified ID 2.0 is a game-changer,” said Eli Heath, Head of Identity at Lotame. “This integration complements our holistic approach to addressability across both authenticated and non-authenticated environments with our Panorama ID, and positions us uniquely for scaled audience activations across all channels.”

As television viewing habits shift in favor of CTV, brands and agencies can leverage data targeting strategies across this highly-addressable CTV inventory via UID2.

“With third-party cookie deprecation happening this year, every advertiser needs an identity strategy,” says Jay Goebel, Vice President of Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “It’s companies like Lotame who are helping to ensure the future of the open internet by adopting Unified ID 2.0 to give advertisers the power to make better, data-driven decisions in their media campaigns.”

“The majority of inventory is email authenticated across the CTV landscape, making audiences highly addressable,” continued Heath. “By 2025, consumers will spend over two hours per day watching CTV content, more than double the time spent on desktop. This UID2 integration equips our clients with the tools to evolve with consumers and reach them effectively.”

Links: Lotame; The Trade Desk