Pixalate publishers report shows Castify.ai's global influence

Thursday, January 25th, 2024 
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Castify.ai dominates the CTV programmatic advertising scene as multiple of its developed apps lead the charts

  • Multiple CTV Apps Developed by industry leader Castify.ai, shine as top publishers for CTV programmatic advertising in various global regions.

HERTZLIA, ISRAEL — CTV and OTT technology & monetization specialist, Castify.ai, has announced a significant achievement highlighting a transformative year. Many of the CTV applications it has built, distributed, and is monetizing for its content partners have been recognized as top publishers in Pixalate’s Publishers Trust Index Report for December 2023. The company has consistently introduced groundbreaking features and strategies to keep its clients ahead of the curve. This achievement is a testament to Castify.ai’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its partners and helping them navigate the rapidly evolving CTV ecosystem.

Leading the Future of CTV Advertising

Castify.ai’s success stems from its dedication to leveraging advanced technology and innovation in CTV applications and linear FAST channels, coupled with sophisticated monetization strategies. “Our vision is to maintain this momentum, pioneering further advancements, intelligent monetization solutions, and seamless integration in the industry,” stated Gal Turjeman, CEO of Castify.ai. “Our ambition is to consistently deliver industry-leading CTV and OTT solutions to our partners, ensuring they have access to essential tools in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.”

Global Impact and Recognition

The Pixalate report, published on December 23, 2023, showcases Castify.ai’s significant global influence, with its applications ranking among the top CTV apps in multiple regions. This includes a dominant presence on SamsungTV, with multiple apps featuring in the top rankings, continued success on Roku and FireTV across various regions. These achievements underscore Castify.ai’s pioneering role in shaping the CTV landscape.

What makes Castify.ai unique?

1) A large portfolio of direct, owned and operated applications as well as linear FAST channels: Castify.ai provides a complete suite of solutions for content creators, including CTV app creation, distribution and monetization. Through Castify.ai’s monetization engine, advertisers are able to reach their target audiences on the big screen with pinpoint accuracy, in a premium brand safe environment.

2) Targeted Solutions: Castify.ai’s approach to CTV advertising focuses on granular targeting, leveraging behavioral data to deliver relevant ads for optimal results.

3) Innovative Technology: Castify uses advanced algorithms and real-time bidding to ensure that its advertisers’ ads are effectively placed. As a result, its content partners can be assured that their apps are monetized appropriately.

4) Measurable Impact: Our platform provides comprehensive analytics, allowing our partners to track the performance of their campaigns with precision.

5) Cost-Effectiveness: We optimize ad spend according to preset KPI’s to ensure our partners receive the best ROI.

Links: Castify.ai; Pixalate