Cineverse enlists Vionlabs and Datatonic for cineSearch

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 
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Cineverse Enlists Top AI Companies Vionlabs and Datatonic to Further Enhance Content Discovery Tool cineSearch

  • Built in Collaboration With Google Cloud’s Gen AI Technology, cineSearch Will Be the Most Advanced Search and Discovery Tool for Film and Television Content

LOS ANGELES — Cineverse (NASDAQ: CNVS), a global streaming technology and entertainment company, has selected Vionlabs and Datatonic as key technology partners for the company’s new generative AI search and discovery tool, cineSearch. Through these strategic partnerships and developed using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, cineSearch promises to redefine how audiences interact with movies through Ava – new personalized AI video adviser designed to make deciding what to watch as entertaining as the entertainment itself.

In February, Cineverse announced the groundbreaking plans to develop cineSearch, which is using the PaLM 2 Large Language Model (LLM) via Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to build an innovative, conversational experience for those seeking guidance on what films or TV shows to watch.

Vionlabs, renowned for its expertise in cognitive AI, will provide detailed title and scene-specific metadata, providing cineSearch with a comprehensive contextual understanding of filmed content. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Vionlabs generates subjective and unique metadata based on colors, emotions, mood, environments etc, enabling personalization systems to identify new patterns in user behavior.

“We’re excited to join forces with Cineverse to usher in a new era of personalized entertainment,” said Marcus Bergström, CEO of Vionlabs. “Our advanced AI capabilities will empower cineSearch and its users to discover content that resonates with them on a deeper level, enriching their movie-watching experience like never before.”

Vionlabs’ metadata, when paired with Datatonic’s expertise on Google Cloud and GenAI, has made this possible – enabling searches that are both highly specific and deeply nuanced. Additionally, a collection of guardrails and Google Cloud security best practices ensures that cineSearch is safe, robust, and ethical.

“cineSearch is poised to reshape the landscape of entertainment, offering audiences a truly immersive and personalized movie-watching experience. Unlike traditional recommendation engines, cineSearch allows users to describe exactly what they’re looking for using natural language. It then taps into an extensive database spanning blockbusters, indies, classics, and niche titles from all genres and eras – ensuring recommendations aren’t limited to just the latest mainstream hits. Leveraging a complex chain of Gemini LLMs, state-of-the-art RAG techniques and guardrail methodologies, the solution provides safe, secure, factual and topical experiences to users This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the industry, marking the dawn of a new era where technology and storytelling converge to create magic on screen,” said Valentin Cojocaru, Head of Data Science at Datatonic.

Together with Google Cloud, Vionlabs and Datatonic’s expertise, Cineverse is showcasing its AI-based video assistant at NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas. Set to revolutionize how users navigate the vast and confusing landscape of streaming movies and TV, cineSearch integrates seamlessly with Cineverse’s own streaming platform. The tool will also be available on third-party platforms and OEMS as a white label SaaS offering, ensuring anyone anywhere can find the perfect film or streaming service for any occasion.

“cineSearch represents an evolutionary leap in how audiences engage with movies,” remarked Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Cineverse Tony Huidor. “By leveraging cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, and partnering with best-in-class technology companies like Google Cloud, Vionlabs and Datatonic, we’re able to empower viewers to discover content that truly resonates with them, by providing them with unprecedented insights into the subjective traits of a film.”

“Google Cloud is proud to support Cineverse and Vionlabs in their mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry,” said Anil Saboo, Director of Industry ISV Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Our Gen-AI capabilities are enabling innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering unparalleled value to audiences worldwide.”

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