Red Bee, WWTV provide schedule services to World Poker Tour

Monday, May 6th, 2024 
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Red Bee Media Partners with Who’s Watching TV to Deliver Services to World Poker Tour®

LONDON/DALLAS — Red Bee Media, a leading global media services provider, has entered into an agreement with Who’s Watching TV (WWTV), to supply services to WPT®, the premier name in internationally televised gaming and entertainment with brand presence in land-based tournaments, television, online, and mobile. The partnership entails WPT contracting for the WWTV Explorer Service, a program and schedule analysis tool that provides access to comprehensive TV programming, past and future listings, accompanied by essential metadata.

The WWTV Explorer Service offers WPT unparalleled access to an extensive library of television content, enabling them with the tools necessary to optimize content and ad sales revenue growth and refine strategic distribution channels. With the ability to delve into past programming and plan for future broadcasts, WPT gains a competitive edge in the ever-evolving media landscape by using the most accurate TV listing data available today provided by Red Bee Media.

“The WWTV Explorer Service gives us access to past and future listings, along with key metadata that will maximize the effectiveness of distribution initiatives. This platform allows us to search titles across the entire North American region effortlessly. It’s user-friendly, fast, and provides research capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.” – Marcia Hernandez, Associate Director of Studios, Distribution and Ad Sales, WPT Enterprises, Inc.

“WPT’s strategic decision to use Red Bee Media’s enhanced television program information highlights their dedication to excellence in the fast-changing media world. By harnessing the most accurate and comprehensive information available, WPT is positioned to stay ahead of the curve, offering exceptional experiences to their viewers. This partnership shows our commitment to supporting industry leaders like WPT with the right tools for success in today’s media landscape.” – Shaun Stark, Head of Content Discovery, Red Bee Media

The strategic partnership between Red Bee Media and WWTV reflects the ongoing efforts of both parties to provide broadcasters with effective solutions that drive business success in the dynamic media ecosystem, ensuring mutual growth and advancement for all entities.

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