TitanTV to provide Red Bee data to BitRouter for NEXTGEN TV receivers

Thursday, November 9th, 2023 
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Red Bee Media and TitanTV advance strategic partnership through a new agreement with BitRouter

Red Bee Media, a leading global media services provider, in conjunction with TitanTV, Inc., has signed a multi-year agreement with BitRouter, a leading provider of software for NEXTGEN TV receivers.

TitanTV will provide Red Bee’s data to BitRouter for integration into its ZapperBox products and services to end users, including BitRouter’s provision of DVR listings information derived from TitanTV products to set-top boxes. This enhancement will enable viewers to access daily program schedules while streamlining their content discovery process.

“We are excited to embark on this transformative journey with BitRouter and TitanTV,” said Jason Marchese, Head of Sales, Market Area Americas, at Red Bee Media. “Our dedication to delivering top-tier data solutions aligns perfectly with the goals of this agreement as we will offer viewers an enriched and seamless experience.”

TitanTV’s listings service will span all 210 television markets, also known as designated market areas, or “DMAs,” in the United States, providing program listings metadata for over-the-air (OTA) channel lineups. These lineups will encompass TitanTV’s Signal Prediction Services with predicted channels to be received within a specific DMA, ensuring comprehensive coverage for nationwide viewers. Furthermore, 14 days of scheduled program data will be made available for the OTA lineups, enhancing the viewing experience for users.

“This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to enhancing the television experience,” said Gopal Miglani, President of BitRouter. “By integrating Red Bee’s data and TitanTV’s comprehensive listings service into our ZapperBox products, we enable viewers to access daily schedules while ensuring a smoother content discovery experience for audiences across the nation.”

TitanTV, a valued partner of Red Bee since 2002, is the broadcast industry’s foremost online software and information provider. TitanTV delivers real-time tools for signal prediction, MediaStar Scheduler, PSIP Data Services, ATSC 3.0/NEXTGEN TV ESG Data and rich media services, online guides and more.

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