GTPL offers cable TV directly on Samsung TVs using TVKey

Thursday, May 9th, 2024 
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GTPL Offers Subscribers Access to Secure Linear Television Content via Samsung Connected TVs With the Industry first Launch of TVKey Cloud in India

  • GTPL offers Digital Cable TV services through Samsung Connected TVs using TVKey Cloud which enables branded experience without the need for a Set-Top Box.

AHMEDABAD, India — GTPL Hathway Limited, India’s largest MSO today announced launch of Linear Television content on connected TVs through TVKey Cloud, a joint solution developed by NAGRA and Samsung. This is a significant milestone for GTPL as it opens up new possibilities for viewers to access linear content. Compatibility with a range of Samsung Connected TVs (2023-year models and soon to be launched 2024 year models) including Ultra HD, OLED, QLED & NeoQLED, ensures a wide range of potential users that can benefit from this service.

The benefits of secure access to linear content without a separate set-top box are substantial. Simplifying the viewing experience and reducing clutter aligns with the modern viewer’s preferences for streamlined and efficient entertainment setups. Access to such a convenient and streamlined viewing experience will be a big advantage for GTPL subscribers. The ability to access content securely without the need for extra hardware (savings of up to INR 2,000 for the consumer) is a compelling proposition that can enhance user satisfaction and drive further growth for GTPL.

The integration of TVKey into GTPL’s offerings provides a new channel to market, accessed via the consumer’s TV remote control. This integration allows GTPL subscribers to access secure premium content using TVKey’s unique on-chip security, ensuring a high level of content protection. Offered via an immersive and engaging user interface, the solution ensures that GTPL is the default live TV source application.

Mr. Anirudhsinh Jadeja, Managing Director at GTPL, highlighted the alignment of their latest proposition with consumers’ evolving viewing habits. Commenting on the launch Mr. Jadeja said, “With more consumers choosing to watch content through their connected TVs, GTPL’s addition of TVKey to deliver linear TV content offers consumers the convenience of complimenting linear TV services along with streaming services thus ensuring that maximum value is delivered to subscribers.”

“Our long-standing relationship with NAGRA has made this innovation possible and is central to our strategy of reaching subscribers in new ways with a consistent user experience across all devices. We look forward to working with Samsung on more collaborations which can add value to our consumers.” he added.

Jointly defined by NAGRA and Samsung, TVkey Cloud delivers an intuitive user experience with security built into the connected TV chipset to protect long-term content investments. “We are looking forward to support GTPL with this latest addition to their service and together introduce TVkey to the Indian market,” said Nancy Goldberg, Executive Vice President and CMO at NAGRA. “As GTPL continues to evolve its business to match changing consumer behaviors, TVkey Cloud is a proven solution to secure content and enable a sophisticated viewing.”

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