Google makes it easier to bring apps to cars

Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 
Google logo

At Google I/O, Google provided updates on its in-car offer and introduced new programs and resources to make it easier to bring apps to cars.

The company also announced that entertainment apps such as Max, Peacock and Angry Birds are coming to select cars with Google built-in. Also, Google Cast is coming to Android Automotive OS, allowing users to cast video content from their phone or tablet directly to the car while parked.

As part of its program, Google will proactively review mobile apps that are already adaptive and large screen compatible to ensure safety and compatibility in cars. If the app qualifies, Google will automatically opt it in for distribution on cars with Google built-in and make it available in Android Auto, without the need for new development or a new release to be created. This program will start with parked app categories like video, gaming and browsers with plans to expand to other app categories in the future.

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