MySat launches bouquet of Arabic TV channels on AsiaSat 9 for Australia

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 
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AsiaSat Signs Managed Distribution Service deal with MySat Launching a bouquet of Arabic TV channels on AsiaSat 9 for Australia

HONG KONG — Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat), Asia’s premier satellite solutions provider, has signed an agreement with MySat Pty. Ltd. to provide managed distribution services for MySat’s Direct-To-Home (DTH) platform that delivers a premium bouquet of Arabic TV channels in Australia.

MySat’s Australian DTH service is being launched on AsiaSat 9’s Australasia beam from the orbital location of 122 degrees East and will benefit from AsiaSat 9’s excellent power and optimal look angles over the Australia landmass. MySat customers can receive high quality satellite TV reception with a small antenna.

This new satellite neighborhood on AsiaSat 9 has become a significant attraction for Arabic channels looking to relocate and expand their reach to audiences in Australia. The robust managed solution provided by AsiaSat includes satellite bandwidth, fibre connectivity to deliver primary content, and a teleport in Australia for uplinking to the DTH platform. This ensures home viewers receive the highest level of quality and reliability. MySat’s local presence in Australia further enhances the viewer experience through dedicated customer service and support from their Sydney call centre.

This DTH bouquet offers a rich blend of premium channels, broadcasting in Arabic, and includes series, dramas, movies, news, top soccer leagues, talk shows, comedies, children’s entertainment, news and infotainment catering to the tastes and preferences of the entire family.

“AsiaSat has been providing high quality DTH television service to Australasia since 2011. We are thrilled to support MySat’s launch of this TV bouquet with our managed media service that combines our capability in satellite and fibre connectivity, uplinking and teleport service for program distribution to TV homes in Australia. We look forward to collaborating with MySat to continue to expand this DTH bouquet by introducing our affiliate channels to this new DTH platform on AsiaSat 9 and provide viewers with even more enriched content,” said Roger Tong, CEO of AsiaSat.

“MySat is excited to partner with AsiaSat to deliver a premium Arabic channel bouquet to viewers in Australia. This collaboration allows us to leverage AsiaSat’s advanced satellite technology and comprehensive service solutions to ensure our customers receive top-quality entertainment with exceptional reliability,” said Gregg Creevey, Director of MySat Pty. Ltd. “Together with our office and call center in Australia, we are dedicated to providing a customized viewing experience, addressing the needs of our audience, and ensuring excellent customer support for all our affiliate channels.”

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