Croatia's MAXtv attracts over 100,000 Customers

Friday, October 24th, 2008
T-Hrvatski Telekom logo

T-Com Croatia’s interactive digital television, MAXtv, is one of the most innovative services on the Croatian telecom market, it attracted over 100,000 customers, which is an increase in the number of customers of 40 percent in relation to the end of June this year.

“We are extremely glad that MAXtv acquired such a large number of customers in only two years. We shall keep developing innovative service and enriching the contents of MAXtv in order to make it even more attractive” said Irena Jolić-Å imović, member of the Management Board of T-Hrvatski Telekom (Reuters: THTC.L, HT.ZA; Bloomberg: THTC LI, HRTA CZ) and Chief Executive Officer T-Com.

Having been activated in September 2006 as a service available exclusively via T-Com’s superfast broadband network, MAXtv offers to customers a rich selection of as many as 100 Croatian and foreign television channels, digital video library containing over 2000 film titles, a recording service of television contents called Snimalica manageable via the internet and SMS and a possibility to watch programs in HD resolution. In addition hereto, the MAXtv service has become available to those customers as well having only the fixed telephone line.