NXVISION releases a new innovative Sideloading product

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

NXVision Ltd., founded in August 2006 as INXSTOR, a provider of secure digital media solutions to business, is pleased to announce that following the successful product launch at IBC 2008, it plans to release its new and exciting Sideloading product (NXV-002) in Q4 of 2008.

The NXVision technology enables users to access TV Shows from their home STB and watch them on a laptop or other mobile device anytime, anywhere.

The NXVision Sideloading (NXV-002) product which builds on its revolutionary secure digital Placeshifting (NXV-001) product was launched last week at IBC 2008, Amsterdam.

Sideloading is as easy as RECORD > PUSH > PLAY. Sideloading provides flexibility and convenience by offering the ability to RECORD TV shows and then have those TV shows automatically and securely PUSHED (transferred) to your mobile device ready for PLAYback as required anytime, anywhere. The content remains fully protected using the existing Conditional Access (CA) in the home STB, and if required the Network mobile DRM solution.

Tony Combe, NXVision, Founder and Managing Director said, “Listen, the solution that NXVision has developed frees people to watch their favourite TV without the constraints of time and place, we are predicting growth in this area to surpass that already seen by iPlayer…….”

In addition to the placeshifting and Sideloading technology demonstrated at IBC 2008, Amsterdam, NXVision supplies the software for mobile devices, as well as managing the end-to-end system ensuring that it is easy for the end customer to use at all times.