GridNetworks Launches Gridcast TV, A Service for Content Owners to Deliver Internet Video to the TV

Monday, November 17th, 2008

New service can deliver high-value Internet video to over 35 million homes today using existing devices, while keeping content owners in control of their brand, content, and revenue

SEATTLE, Wash — Video delivery platform provider GridNetworks today launched GridCast TV, a new service that enables content distributors and owners to stream video directly over the Internet to viewers’ TVs. The Internet has given viewers the ability to watch what they want, when they want. GridCast TV makes it easier for viewers to watch where they want, on their TVs.

The new GridCast TV service can already reach over 35 million homes, because it leverages existing UPnP (universal plug and play) devices such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Internet-enabled TVs. The service doesn’t require a set-top box or any other additional hardware. Unlike portal sites or third-party distributors, GridCast TV is a service, so content owners maintain complete control of their brand, content and revenue model. Some GridNetworks customers, including Revision3, IndieFlix and havocTV, have already begun using GridCast TV to deliver high-value video to their viewers’ TVs, and others will follow in the weeks ahead.

“GridCast TV has made it easy for us to dramatically expand our reach, connecting us with a great demographic,” said Ryan Kresser, CEO and Executive Producer at havocTV. “And because the end-user process is simple and seamless, our viewers have been able to start watching our video on their TVs with just a couple clicks.”

“With GridCast TV, our viewers get to watch indie films on their TVs, and we don’t have to deal with multiple vendors or distribution deals to get access to those TVs,” said Scilla Andreen, CEO at IndieFlix. “We also don’t have to give our content to a third party, or negotiate with cable or satellite providers.”

GridNetworks CEO Tony Naughtin said, “Our goal is to help video distributors capture more viewers, differentiate themselves from their competitors and, above all, make more money. What makes this new service different is that it combines the reach of TV with the high CPM rates associated with targeted Internet audiences–and it gets our content customers into tens of millions of living rooms right now.”