Gigle Semiconductor Announces That the World's Fastest and Most Reliable Home Networking IC Will Power Blusens' HDTV Home Entertainment Equipment at CES2009

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Gigle’s GGL541 IC integrated into Blusens’ HDTV and Home Entertainment Device enables HD connections through the highest performance multimedia Ethernet home network over existing wiring at up to 1Gbps

REDWOOD CITY — Gigle Semiconductor, the leading developer of any wire home networking solutions today announced that the GGL541 will be used in Blusens’ Multi-Media Home Entertainment equipment to provide the high-speed connection from the media center to the HDTV over existing home wiring during CES2009. The GGL541 is the first time that a dual channel solution for HomePlug®AV (200Mbps over powerline) and mediaxtream™ (1Gbps over any wire) has been implemented in a single low cost IC.

“The GGL541 is the only product offering both the performance we require for multiple high quality HDTV streams, and the whole home coverage our customers demand,” said Jose Ramon Garcia Gonzalez, Blusens’ President and CEO. “We have been working as an alpha partner with Gigle Semiconductor to ensure the quality and simplicity we bring to our products also includes easy connectivity in the home. Embedding the GGL541 into our HDTV allows us to build today the home network for tomorrow with all the performance needed for simultaneously streaming multiple HDTV channels, high speed data and high quality audio transfers. The network operation is invisible to our customers due to the built-in automatic configuration – exactly what our customers are demanding. They look like simple requirements but they are the critical factor for the product return rate.”

The GGL541 multimedia home networking IC advanced design can maintain high data throughput even under the extreme noise conditions commonly found in powerline, phoneline and coaxial cables, in any frequency band available to mediaxtream™ from 1MHz up to 2.5GHz. The device supports dual-channels: one that is fully compliant with the HomePlug®AV 200Mbps standard and the other offering mediaxtream™ up to 1Gbps at the physical layer. On-chip intelligence can either aggregate the two channels together for even higher performance, or use the two channels to form a self-configuring mesh network that re-times and re-generates signals to increase coverage. The mesh includes bridging capabilities to enable the all wiring plants in the home — coaxial cable, phoneline, and powerline – to be combined to deliver total coverage throughout the home. The GGL541 is a fully integrated single-chip solution, with PHY, MAC and Smart Mesh home/QoS/CoS Switching, that is cost optimized to require no external memories or complex support circuitry. The device is currently in alpha-stage field testing with selected partners including service providers, OEM equipment vendors, and consumer electronics companies. The GGL541 will be released for general availability in April 2009.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Blusens to create and deliver the world’s first range of networked home entertainment devices with embedded communications,” said Juan Carlos Riveiro, President and CEO of Gigle Semiconductor.” “The GGL541 represents our commitment to providing cost effective, leading edge technology for home networking, while supporting existing industry standards. In the networked home of the future, consumers will not need to add and configure adapters to connect equipment, they will simply plug in and seamlessly join the network.”

At CES 2009 Blusens will demonstrate the world’s first line of consumer electronic devices integrating the GGL541, such as a networked HDTV flat panel LCD, Network Attached Storage (NAS), or Blusens’ blu:brain device. Blu:brain is a complete Home HDTV Entertainment Device able to manage, reproduce and distribute AV content between multiple sources. Possible sources include an embedded hard drive based DVB-T receiver, a NAS, an internet video stream, a remote PC, or through any of the multiple external AV connections on the device. Blusens’ blu:brain is a media server plus Personal Video Recorder (PVR) in a single box. The blu:brain device allows the user to enjoy its contents anywhere at anytime; allowing users to access their blu:brain’s AV content remotely from their PC or cell phone. The device includes a number of unique PVR features, such as place-shifting and the ability to combine the power of a professional IPTV system with the dynamism of Web 2.0 via a revolutionary software package from LambdaStream. In addition to user generated video content, Blusens is concluding agreements with content providers to include Video On Demand (VoD), Over The Top (OTT) Video, and IPTV content to be accessible with the blu:brain.

Blusens will be demonstrating their multimedia home entertainment center blu:brain at CES2009 at booth location SANDS 74237.

Gigle Semiconductor will host private meetings at their suite at the Las Vegas Hilton during CES2009 showing Blusens GGL541-embedded HDTV, blu:brain and ServerBox and other system products.