ADB delivers HD DVR to Télégenève-naxoo, Switzerland

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
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ADB supplies DVB-C digital video recorder to 022 Télégenève SA for launch of HDTV offering

GENEVA, Switzerland — Advanced Digital Broadcast (SIX:ADBN), a leading supplier of technology to the global digital television industry, announced today that it has delivered the ADB-5810CX, high definition cable set-top box with digital video recorder to Télégenève for the launch of its new HDTV service in Geneva and Valais regions. The units will be marketed as the “DRIVEBOX HD” under the Télégenève brand known as naxoo.

“ADB has been working with Télégèneve – naxoo since 2006 when we first shipped our 7100CX standard definition digital video recorder to them”, stated Jim Lomax, Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales & Marketing at ADB. “This new supply agreement further endorses our leading position in the industry and of our close collaboration with Télégèneve – naxoo. We are extremely proud to be part of this new and exciting HDTV offering in Switzerland and are confident that naxoo’s customers will experience a rich and exciting TV event”.

The ADB-5810CX is an advanced, interactive digital video recorder optimised for digital cable networks. The product supports high quality recording and playback. The product includes state-of-the-art hardware features such as a single-chip microprocessor, dual tuner and time shift mode for pausing and resuming live TV. Osmosys has integrated their MHP software solution with advanced applications such as the HD DVR navigator enabling time shift features provided in the box. ADB’s unique operating software ensures enhanced system and product performance including fast channel decoding and swift rendering of on-screen graphics and applications.

“For naxoo, the arrival of high definition television with ADB as our partner represents a big step for us in the digital TV world”, comments Benjamin Weill, CMO of naxoo. “We have always paid extreme attention to the expectations of our customers and by choosing ADB alongside Osmosys as our supplier of HD digital video recorders we can offer them a feature-rich product so that they can make the most of their TV viewing experience. This new agreement is an important strategic step for our company in the move to High Definition Television”.

The CTO of naxoo, Phong Pham adds “We are extremely impressed by the prompt reply and the quality of work provided by ADB and Osmosys in such short a lead time. It was a fantastic challenge to take on board and they really over achieved our expectations by delivering on such a tight schedule.”