Motorola Announces Strategic Cooperation Agreement with SXBN on Integrated DTV Platform

Thursday, December 18th, 2008
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Advanced technology and rich experience help operator build leading digital TV network in China

BEIJING, China — Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced that its set top producing subsidiary in China, Hangzhou Motorola Technologies Ltd (HMT), signed a strategic cooperative agreement for its integrated Digital TV (DTV) platform with one of China’s largest broadcasting operators. This marks a milestone for DTV migration in the Shaanxi province while solidifying Motorola’s leading position in the DTV market in China.

Under the terms of this agreement, HMT and the Shaanxi BC & TV Intermediary Co., Ltd. (SXBN) will establish a joint laboratory to design integrated DTV hardware platforms and software solutions that will provide digital video and information services as well as unified user interfaces for all DTV subscribers in Shaanxi. Aimed at improving SXBN’s operational efficiency and performance, this lab will position SXBN as China’s only broadcast operator to own a wholly integrated DTV platform. In addition, the lab will conduct further research on the future demands for DTV and value-added services platform.

“Motorola’s leadership position in the DTV market has been further demonstrated on the Chinese market as China’s DTV industry has been growing faster than many markets around the world in recent years,” said Ms. Drina Yue, vice president of Asia Pacific region management, Home & Networks Mobility, Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd. “We have and will continue to provide and share our best technology and practice with the Chinese operators to accelerate the delivery of personalized rich media experience to the subscribers.” As the world’s largest set top supplier, Motorola has shipped more than 50 million set tops worldwide.

SXBN is one of the leading provincial-level public broadcasting companies in China. Since the beginning of 2008, SXBN has stepped up its efforts on digital migration for TV networks in Shaanxi Province.

“The strategic cooperation project with Motorola will facilitate the development of DTV operations in Shaanxi,” said Mr. Lv Xiaoming, chairman of SXBN. “Motorola is a world leading company with strong technological capabilities and rich expertise. We are glad be working with a reputable company like HMT, a well-known set top supplier in China. We look forward to closer and deeper cooperation with Motorola through which we can benefit from its DTV expertise and rich experiences by servicing other local broadcasting operators.”

“With this strategic cooperation agreement, HMT and SXBN can combine company experience and resources to build new DTV service platforms and new business models,” said Mr. Zhu Jiangming, general manager of Hangzhou Motorola Technologies Ltd, “We believe this will pave the way for our long-term cooperation in multiple areas such as technology, business and value-added services. We are ready to provide more solutions and services as SXBN grows.”