SENSIO Live 3D To Be Demonstrated At International CES 2009

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — SENSIO Technologies Inc (“SENSIO”) (TSX Venture Exchange: SIO), creator of the SENSIO® 3D technology will present the complete range of its 3D products at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2009 (CES). From the encoder and decoder that enable live broadcasting of 3D events to the software solution for watching pre-recorded 3D content, or 3D content streamed via the Internet, on PCs, SENSIO® 3D technology has something for everyone.

“Last year we presented the very first High Definition 3D consumer solution and this year we are once again innovating by presenting professional and consumer products that meet, and sometimes even surpass, industry requirements and standards”, says Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO’s President and CEO.

Live 3D: the latest trend

SENSIO® 3D technology will be used in Cinedigm’s (NASDAQ: CIDM) CineLiveTM digital cinema product to broadcast tonight’s football game in 3D in 80 digital movie theaters across the United States. This technology enables live broadcasting of stereoscopic content in movie theaters and, shortly, in homes, through pay-per-view television or video on demand. “This event is the best type of demonstration; it allows us to show that our technology is mature, reliable and, above all, ready to be used now”, says Nicholas Routhier.

The SENSIO® 3D encoder card and decoding IP, which have been used jointly with the satellite broadcasting technology of International Datacasting Corporation (TSX: IDC) for the sporting event broadcast, are being demonstrated in the SENSIO suite at the Flamingo hotel (room Carson I). Through the system of 3D cameras, the encoder and the decoder, visitors can film themselves and watch themselves live in three dimensions on an LCD HD television.

Innovation: 3D software for PCs

SENSIO® 3D technology is now available as software. It can fit into any media playing software, enabling 3D content to be watched on a computer with a 2D or 3D screen. For the S3D demonstration in the SENSIO suite, 3D content is streamed via internet on a PC and is decoded and displayed using the software. This innovation enables live 3D broadcasting of sporting events, concerts and more through the Internet, making large-scale access to these events possible.

Previews of other Hollywood content

SENSIO is once again presenting trailers from some of the big Hollywood studios’ most recent 3D productions, as it has done at every CES exhibition; accordingly, trailers from Universal Studios’ Coraline and nWave Pictures’ Fly me to the Moon will be presented. In addition, visitors will be able to watch live content from Inition, such as hockey, tennis, rugby and boxing.