Technology Alliance to launch pay DTT in Spain

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 

Spain’s companies SIDSA and Secuenzia join forces to develop a technology solution that paves the way for the launch of pay DTT in Spain

TRES CANTOS, Madrid — The digital technology companies SIDSA and Secuenzia have entered into an alliance to launch pay Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), possibly in 2009, with new, attractive and high quality content.

Both companies have jointly developed a Conditional Access technology solution that will allow to distribute DTT content and offer broadcasters a new business model with extra revenues different from advertising thanks to pay per subscription or per events systems.

Apart from quality content, the CAS technology is a key element for the success of pay DTT. That technology is used to encrypt premium content and allow or deny subscribers to have access to the service.

SIDSA and Secuenzia, two leading companies in the CAS market, make pay DTT a reality with this joint solution available to all different players: TV channels, operators and electronic manufacturers. With this alliance, both companies provide the best and more reliable technology solution for the launch of pay DTT in Spain.

“Together, we have the highest technology solution to guarantee the pay DTT success”, says Fernando Ruano, President of Secuenzia.

These companies’ Conditional Access Systems have been specifically developed for Digital Terrestrial Television and allow the use of any business model: subscription, pay-per-view, pay per event, etc.

Similarly, SIDSA’s KeyFly system has been widely deployed in similar horizontal markets as in Al Jazeera Sport’s case in the Middle East and North of Africa.

“We are very proud of having extended to 10 years our contract with Al Jazeera Sport”, points out José María Insenser, CEO and Founder of SIDSA. “It is the result of an excellent job in this highly competitive Conditional Access market”, he concludes.