TTP to Showcase Technology Allowing US Digital TV Broadcasts to Be Viewed on Current Cell Phones at CTIA Wireless '09

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Mobile Accessory Market to Benefit from Free Digital TV with Added Interactivity Following US Digital Switch-over

CAMBRIDGE, England — The Technology Partnership (TTP) has developed platforms and technology to help broadcasters, cellular carriers and accessory brands capitalise on the new mobile-specific (ATSC-M/H) digital TV (DTV) transmissions being established across the US during 2009.

TTP, a leading technology development company, has developed technology to enable interactive digital radio and TV broadcasts on existing cell phones and has already approached broadcasters, brands and cellular carriers in Europe and China who are interested in delivering products and services in 2009. Having extended the technology to cover the US standard broadcasts TTP now offers its expertise to accessory and consumer electronics brands and cellular carriers planning to capitalise on the new broadcast for mobile DTV channels, announced in January, for 22 major US cities.

Tristan Barkley is head of media technologies at TTP “The US analog switch-off will provide a big boost to TV viewing on mobile devices via the mobile digital TV broadcasts which will be available later in the year in 35% of US households. For the first time TTP’s technology will enable viewers to experience 63 broadcast DTV stations by using an accessory with their existing cell phones thus avoiding the need to change their cell phone or pay the premium prices for TV on their phone, both of which have limited take-up of mobile TV so far.”

TTP anticipates that the new mobile TV accessory products will drive the use of existing mobile devices to view and interact with free DTV on the move in the US. TTP maintains that accessories which connect to mobile devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, PDAs and portable media players as well as in-car entertainment and GPS systems, via widely available wired or wireless interfaces, offer a potential multi-million unit market.

With the addition of rich-media content for broadcast US cellular carriers will be able to leverage the potential of the new mobile DTV channels. New and compelling value added services and interactivity can be delivered via cellular to enable viewer voting, targeted advertising, profiled RSS feeds, cross selling and teleshopping. Furthermore broadcast channels and premium content delivered via cellular unicast are seamlessly converged within a single application offering unprecedented choice and ease of use for viewers.

Olivier Avaro, chief executive officer of rich media technology provider Streamezzo said, “We have been working with TTP to explore some very interesting propositions, based on their ATSC M/H accessory technology, and we are convinced it offers cellular carriers a great way to rapidly capitalise on the up-turn in mobile US viewers. We believe that broadcast interactivity plus converged broadcast and unicast services will be a winning combination for US carriers, broadcasters and viewers alike.”

By June 12th the US digital switch over will be complete and the first digital TV transmissions specifically designed for mobile will be just round the corner. TTP has technology solutions which allows brands to get products to market fast and expects to illustrate this fully at CTIA Wireless.

Visit TTP at CTIA 09, 1st-3rd April, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Booth 8435