Latens security ported to NEC EMMA™3SL/LP MPEG-4 SoCs

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
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Latens increases Security and Reduces Costs of MPEG-4 Solutions for Broadcast Market by integrating its technology on NEC Electronics latest EMMA™3SL/LP System-on-Chip devices; Providing enhanced set-top box security without smartcards

BELFAST, UK — Latens, leader in software Conditional Access and Middleware today announces that it has just increased security and lowered operating costs for Pay TV broadcasters by integrating its technology on NEC Electronics’ EMMA3SL/LP system-on-ship devices.

In support of this Latens has approved the security requirements and is integrating Latens DVB® compliant CAS (Conditional Access System) with the latest EMMA3SL/LP set-top box (STB) device for highly secure MPEG-4 standard definition (SD) broadcasting. This solution is targeted at those countries adopting MPEG-4 digital TV standards such as Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, India, South Africa and South America.

“This integration provides highly advanced set-top box and innovative security solutions that greatly enhance the ability of broadcasters to protect their content and revenue as they begin deploying digital TV.” says Jean-Paul Heron, Client Integration Manager, Latens.

“With NEC Electronics we have found an established and experienced device manufacturer, and are looking forward to further aligning our product roadmaps by addressing the competitive advantages and content security needs of broadcast Pay TV operators.”

With this software only solution Latens will actively address key markets, allowing broadcast operators to select STB solutions that use the latest technologies and meet the highest security standards within their budgets. The Latens software solution leverages the high performance and security of NEC Electronics’ flexible yet cost effective architecture.

Latens CAS is a DVB® compliant conditional access system tailored to meet the specific requirement of broadcast Pay TV networks. As a software only solution Latens CAS removes the need for smartcards, and enables operators to protect their content, reduce operational expenses and ultimately lower costs.

NEC Electronics’s EMMA3SL/LP is a third generation ‘Enhanced Multi-Media Architecture’ (EMMA) set-top box device, specifically targeting MPEG-4 SD, the next generation image compression standard. By deploying the new products, users can develop low-cost MPEG-4 SD STBs with low power consumption, both in operational and standby modes, exceeding European Low Power Directive.