SecureMedia CA/DRM integrated with TVBLOB's BLOBbox

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
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The award-winning Encryptonite ONE™ System protects TVBLOB’s innovative TV Platform powered by BLOBbox, a consumer-ready, hybrid set-top box that brings the power of the Web and HD content directly to TVs

NATICK, MA, USA and MILAN, Italy — SecureMedia, the technology leader in open content protection software for secure video and multimedia delivery over IP networks and TVBLOB, a software and service development company, today announced that TVBLOB’s TV-centric development platform and hybrid internet set-top boxes (“BLOBbox”), that bring the power of the Web directly to TV is protected by SecureMedia’s Encryptonite ONE™ System CA/DRM (conditional access/digital rights management). Leveraging TVBLOB’s free SDK from the BLOBforge, content owners anywhere can now realize new, ‘over-the-top’ television services and business models on the BLOBbox using standard Web technologies, while ensuring the highest levels of digital protection for content distributed in both linear and non-linear means including VOD, podcasts and HTTP streaming.

“Our goal is to license the BLOBbox software to OEM/ODM manufacturers so that a new kind of TV-centric CE device can be put on retail shelves everywhere,” said Fabrizio Caffarelli, CEO of TVBLOB. “SecureMedia is the industry’s most innovative, cost-effective digital security provider, so we are very happy for this collaboration. Consumers gain access to the explosion of HDTV content available on the Web, while content providers can feel confident about delivering this content anywhere in the world to a BLOBbox because it has Encryptonite ONE™ technology inside. Only SecureMedia offers a complete, unified content security system that enables these new kind of Internet TV devices.”

The Encryptonite ONE™ System, winner of both the TelcoTV 2008 Vision Awards and the 2008 IPTV World Series Award for best content protection, is today’s proven multi-format, multi-platform CA/DRM software solution that provides the highest levels of digital content security while offering operational efficiencies and extended value. Approved by all major film studios and TV broadcasters, the Encryptonite ONE System allows service providers, telcos and broadband operators to acquire distribution rights to the most compelling broadcast channels and VOD programming.

“We are very excited to work with TVBLOB, an innovative leader who realizes a new television environment where anyone can create advanced, interactive entertainment services, even one that could prove to be the next killer app for TV,” said Fred Ellis, COO of SecureMedia. “Now with the non-stop digital media protection of the Encryptonite ONE™ System securing the TVBLOB platform, today’s leading international studios and networks can deliver OTT content, both via live streams and downloads, and safely experiment with new ways to monetize it.”

The first BLOBbox, manufactured by Telsey, besides being an DVB receiver with double tuner and HD PVR, lets end users browse YouTube, Picasa, and Wikipedia; do Google mail or watch online television; subscribe to podcasts via services like Miro; search and download BitTorrent feeds to view video in 1080p on an HDTV; copy or stream media files from a home PC or local network; and participate in Web 2.0 social networks like Facebook. It requires a standard television with analog or HDMI input and a broadband connection and is available for purchase on the BLOBbox website. For more information regarding the free SDK and special WebDev version that supports TV service development and testing, visit the BLOBforge.