Amtran Selects Xceive Silicon tuner for new TV design

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Xceive’s unique world-wide compatibility a great advantage for TV manufacturers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Xceive Corporation, the market leader in silicon tuners for televisions, PCs and other digital home products, today announced that Amtran has selected Xceive’s XC5000 silicon tuner for its new line of TVs for the Taiwan market. Amtran will utilize the worldwide compatibility of the XC5000 to provide an optimized solution for the unique requirements of Taiwan. This important feature makes it easier for TV manufacturers to develop sets for different regions without the need for different tuner modules.

“The XC5000 is an ideal solution for this Taiwan TV design due to it’s compatibility with both DVB-T digital TV signals and also the NTSC analog signals present in the Taiwan TV system,” said John Shu, R&D Director of Amtran. “The compact size of the Xceive solution also contributes to making the TV circuit board as small as possible.”

The XC5000 is the world’s most highly integrated silicon TV tuner specifically designed for flat panel TVs. This next-generation tuner offers state-of-the-art performance where both analog and digital reception is required. The XC5000 is the only Hybrid Global TV Tuner with an on-board DSP controller. This unique architecture delivers world-class tuner performance for all worldwide analog and digital broadcast television standards.

“The XC5000 has now been proven through field testing in all major regions of the world,” said Jean-Louis Bories, President and CEO at Xceive Corp. “The worldwide compatibility of the XC5000 has been proven and this allows manufacturers to reduce the number of components they must source to produce TVs for different regions.”

Amtran’s new line of LCD DVB-T TVs have been certified to pass the Taiwan Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) DVB-T tests for performance, particularly with adjacent channel interference, multipath interference, and impulsive interference rejection.

The TVs are in final field trial testing and should be available in the Taiwan retail outlets under the Vizio brand in the second quarter of 2009.