RealNetworks Powers Entertainment Experiences on Netbooks

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
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  • New licensing agreements with Canonical, Xandros, Phoenix and DeviceVM
  • Offers single codec-licensing source
  • Consumers can enjoy Internet content–regardless of format–in a familiar environment

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Computex — RealNetworks®, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNWK) is highlighting its ongoing digital entertainment leadership–today in the growing Netbook market–with new and existing partnerships that power consistent entertainment experiences across both Windows and Linux Netbooks. Real has entered licensing agreements with key Operating System Vendors (OSVs) Canonical, Xandros, Phoenix Technologies and DeviceVM, to license RealPlayer for Mobile Devices for use in Linux OSs and Instant-On OSs for Windows-based Netbooks.

An optimized version of RealPlayer now can be immediately accessed in the instant-on OS, and the traditional RealPlayer is also optimized and accessible within the Windows OS.

RealPlayer for Mobile helps consumers enjoy Internet content in any format, and using a ubiquitous and familiar media player that is downloaded in the PC environment 1 million times each day. Real enables both licensees and content providers to minimize resource and development costs. Licensees get a one-stop-shop license to all the codecs that are included in RealPlayer for Mobile Devices. Content providers need to build just one content-delivery infrastructure that can be leveraged across all hardware types, whether it’s a PC, Macintosh, mobile phone, Netbook or other emerging device. Real has also worked closely with chipset manufacturers to ensure tight integration and optimization on both ARM-based and Intel® Atom™ processors for Netbooks.

The RealPlayer for Mobile Devices licensing agreement with leading OSV, Canonical, makes RealPlayer for Mobile available–integrated, installed and supported–in Canonical’s Ubuntu for Netbooks and PCs.

“It is important for Canonical’s OEM customers to have access to a solution from an organization that has a long history in media delivery and understands the challenges and opportunities,” said Chris Kenyon, director of OEM Services, Canonical. “RealNetworks’ RealPlayer was an obvious choice for us because it provides our customers with one complete media solution for all platforms and our users will appreciate the media experience it delivers on their Ubuntu netbook, notebook or desktop.”

Deals inked with Xandros, Phoenix and DeviceVM allow RealPlayer for Mobile Devices to be pre-loaded in the new ‘Instant-On’ operating systems for Windows-based Netbooks and PCs, including Xandros’s Presto, Phoenix Technologies’ HyperSpace, and Device VM’s Splashtop.

“RealPlayer is a key component of both our Presto ‘instant on’ utility and our mobile netbook solutions,” said Andreas Typaldos, CEO of Xandros. “RealPlayer enables Presto to give Windows users rich multimedia access within seconds, and audio and video playback is at the core of our netbook experience.”

Gaurav Banga, CTO and SVP of Products at Phoenix Technologies said, “As one of the most recognized names in digital media, RealNetworks is a valuable contributor to the HyperSpace operating experience and one that consumers trust.The ability to listen to audio files and view video files is an essential part of the mobile PC user’s experience. Optimizing RealPlayer in the HyperSpace environment enhances user enjoyment by enabling an ‘instant-on’ experience for RealPlayer applications and at the same time, by extending battery life on a netbook or laptop by as much as 25 percent. Making mobile computing devices more user friendly for both work and play is a foundation of our PC 3.0™ strategy and this partnership propels us forward in our goal to deliver a more user friendly and productive mobile computing environment.”

Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of DeviceVM said, “We are pleased to be working with RealNetworks to enrich the media experience of Splashtop users. Splashtop is already shipping on tens of millions of PCs and netbooks from major manufacturers such as Asus, HP, Lenovo, and LG, and is the only instant-on platform pre-installed on netbooks today.”

Real continues to realize its vision of powering digital entertainment on a variety of mobile and emerging devices. Last year, Real signed agreements to license RealPlayer for Mobile Devices to BenQ for its JoyBook Lite Netbook, as well as Lenovo and Compal for their Mobile Internet Device (MID) products. The media framework used in RealPlayer is the proven Helix DNA™ Client, shipped in more than 430 million mobile phones by all major mobile phone OEMs. Real is poised to provide the same type of value as the media player of choice for new emerging, mobile, media-enabled devices.