CIBN to use RealNetworks' HD codec for its OTT TV apps

Monday, February 26th, 2018
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RealNetworks and CIBN OTT TV Enter Next Phase of Strategic Partnership with Commercial Trial of RealMedia HD

BARCELONA, Spain — RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK), a leader in digital media software and services, today announced that it has entered the next phase of its strategic partnership with China International Broadcasting Network (CIBN) OTT TV. CIBN OTT TV will launch a commercial trial of RealNetworks® next-generation codec, RealMedia® HD, on its over-the-top (OTT) HD VIDEO app and Stars China mobile app, China TV. CIBN OTT TV is one of the seven broadcasting networks that is licensed to distribute over-the-top content in China. Through this trial, hundreds of millions of CIBN’s OTT TV users will now have access to RealMedia HD encoded content, ensuring a faster, more efficient and higher-quality streaming experience.

This is the first announcement since the two parties signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2017, and marks a major step forward in the formation of RealMedia HD’s content ecosystem.

“Streaming media infrastructure is rapidly evolving and China’s OTT services are at the forefront of the space. To partner with CIBN OTT TV, a recognized leader in OTT services in China, and bring RealMedia HD’s capabilities to its millions of users is monumental. CIBN OTT TV holds the key to what the future of OTT services will be and we’re proud to be part of this phase and contribute our technology,” said RealNetworks’ Chairman and CEO, Rob Glaser.

RealMedia HD is a cutting-edge technology that delivers high-definition video in superior quality over the Internet and on virtually any device. Also, it enables video operators to efficiently deliver 1080p and 4K content while significantly reducing encoding and storage costs.

The CIBN HD VIDEO app integrates the resources of China Radio International, Youku and more than 20 content providers in China, providing users with access to large quantities of copyrighted HD video content on smart TVs and OTT set-top boxes. The in-app content zone encoded in RealMedia HD format features on-demand viewing of a large number of the latest popular movies, TV shows and variety shows. This allows users to stream the latest content in the highest quality possible, even when network bandwidth is congested in dense urban settings or limited outside of cities.

“We are very excited about the launch of this commercial trial. CIBN OTT TV is a leading operator in the industry, and an important strategic partner of RealNetworks in exploring the China market,” explained Hense Jiang, RealMedia HD Product Director at RealNetworks. “We look forward to witnessing the outstanding performance of RealMedia HD on an international platform together with our partner.”

CIBN’s users can also enjoy RealMedia HD’s fast, reliable and high-quality content on the mobile TV app, ChinaTV, which is operated by CIBN Stars China, a subsidiary of CIBN Oriental Network. The ChinaTV App operated by CIBN Stars China, is a flagship mobile new media service platform of China Radio International (CRI), and a valuable supplement to the large-screen service offered by CIBN OTT TV.

“The commercial trial makes it possible for users to access high-definition video at a low bitrate,” said Mr. Ke Hengzhong, CTO of CIBN OTT TV. “RealMedia HD’s format provides major advantages in terms of lower bitrate and higher image quality when compared to other existing applications in the market. Since competition in the OTT TV industry is centered on content and viewer experience, we believe that RealMedia HD will provide solutions that are extremely valuable and cost-effective.”

RealNetworks and CIBN OTT TV will jointly present the CIBN HD VIDEO app and ChinaTV mobile app in Stand #1G58 at Mobile World Congress (February 26 – March 1) in Barcelona, Spain.