RealNetworks launches RealMedia HD for embedded devices at CES2016

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016
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RealNetworks Launches RealMedia™ HD Solution for Embedded Devices at the 2016 International CES

LAS VEGAS — RealNetworks® (NASDAQ: RNWK) today announced the launch of its RealMedia™ HD solution for embedded devices at the 2016 International CES. An extension of its existing product portfolio, RealMedia HD will enable chipset manufacturers to save substantial costs while offering high-speed and high-definition (HD) video content.

With this solution for embedded devices, RealNetworks allows manufacturers to meet the demands of consumers’ increasing mobile video consumption while using less device resources and battery life. RealNetworks launched its companion RealMedia HD software solution in July 2015, which has now been integrated into streaming vendors’ and original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) media players to solve the issues of large file sizes that can’t be stored locally and of limited network bandwidth that hinders streaming. With an estimated one billion more mobile users by 2020, according to Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), RealNetworks’ embedded devices and software solutions will continue to help both manufacturers and consumers meet their growing mobile video challenges.

“RealNetworks is building an ecosystem of online streaming vendors, OEMs, and chipset manufacturers around its core technology RealMedia HD,” said Thierry Raymaekers, area vice president, RealPlayer Group China. “This solution for embedded devices will help chipset manufacturers easily and efficiently support HD video capability on a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and set-top boxes – all of which have unique hardware capability requirements and limitations.”

By integrating RealMedia HD into chipsets, manufacturers will benefit from:

  • Higher satisfaction with device makers and consumers: The RealMedia HD solution for embedded devices enables smooth HD video playback while consuming less battery power, allowing consumers more uninterrupted viewing of mobile HD video content.
  • Highly scalable technology: Resources can be used more efficiently than with other codecs due to RealMedia HD’s advanced design, which allows it to evolve along with a manufacturer’s hardware.
  • Smooth and effortless adaptability: the architecture of RealMedia HD supports current and future versions of this codec technology. Once it’s integrated, future generations will be easily supported.
  • Significant cost savings: Designed to be comparable with existing hardware codecs, RealMedia HD can reuse most existing hardware modules.