Digital TV News: Dimitris Michalakis

COSMOTE TV reaches 500,000 subscribers
Jan 30, 2017 – OTE Group, the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market, has announced that COSMOTE TV has continued to grow, reaching 500 thousand subscribers, with more than 250 thousand migrating to hybrid services.
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OTE adopts COSMOTE TV brand for communication and entertainment services
Nov 14, 2016 – OTE Group's TV service has been re-named COSMOTE TV. The new world of COSMOTE TV unifies the capabilities of the group's satellite and IPTV platforms. COSMOTE TV offers interactive household and on-the-go TV services for all.
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OTE launches hybrid TV platform in Greece
Jan 20, 2016 – OTE TV has announced the launch in Greece of its new hybrid TV platform, offering subscribers the combined benefits of satellite and IPTV service such as interactivity, personalized viewing and high definition content.
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