OTE adopts COSMOTE TV brand for communication and entertainment services

Monday, November 14th, 2016
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COSMOTE TV changes TV experience with advanced, interactive services

  • COSMOTE TV, the new brand name of ΟΤΕ TV

Today, OTE Group’s TV service becomes COSMOTE TV, in the context of the Group’s strategy to use a common brand name for all its communication and entertainment products introducing a new world of advanced and interactive services that change our TV experience.

The new world of COSMOTE TV with its technologically advanced hybrid service unifies the capacities of the satellite and broadband (IPTV) platform. The platform offers interactive household and on-the-go TV services for all.

With the advanced COSMOTE TV services, subscribers can choose where, when and from which device they will enjoy their preferred programs and therefore create their own TV entertainment, according to their personal profile:

  • COSMOTE TV GO: for on-the-go TV experience via mobile, tablet, PC or laptop. The service offers 33 high-definition channels, including all the COSMOTE SPORT channels.
  • COSMOTE REPLAY TV: offering subscribers the opportunity to “turn back time” up to 48 hours, in order to enjoy shows they have missed and control the broadcast flow with the rewind, fast forward, and pause functions.
  • COSMOTE Cinema on Demand: for renting new movies produced by all Hollywood studios, right after their movie theater release.
  • COSMOTE TV PLUS: offering free on-demand access to a rich back-catalog of movies and TV series broadcasted by the COSMOTE CINEMA channels and COSMOTE HISTORY documentaries and shows, all in high-definition, right after their TV broadcast.

    This service has also been made available via COSMOTE TV GO.

  • PVR: for recording programs in an integrated or external hard drive. The option of remote recording is also available via COSMOTE TV GO.

Furthermore, as of today, subscribers enjoy the new visual style and identity of our TV channels, as well as the updated COSMOTE TV services menu.

“We welcome our subscribers to the holistic entertainment world of COSMOTE TV. In the new, advanced, hybrid environment of our service, subscribers are the protagonists. They continue enjoying the richest program in content and quality and now they have the the opportunity to control when, how and where they will watch their preferred content. Only by connecting their decoder to the Internet all our subscribers will now be able to enjoy the new, interactive services of COSMOTE TV”, said Dimitris Michalakis, COSMOTE TV Director.