Kabel Deutschland Presents Record Results

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 
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In the fiscal year 2007/2008 (ended March 31, 2008) Kabel Deutschland (KDG) has attained record results in practically all areas and could thus further expand its leading market position.

Digitization making progress

Kabel Deutschland has significantly advanced digitization in its cable households: on March 31, 2008 the number of digital TV subscriptions increased to 1.7 million (previous year 1.2 million) including the 778,500 KDG pay TV RGUs. A growth of 88,415 RGUs (12.8% increase compared to prior year) was attained. Considering the approximately 800,000 Premiere AG cable subscribers in the KDG regions (and adjusted for overlappings), more than 20% of the KDG cable households in the meantime receive their TV signal in digital quality. This represents about 1.8 million digital cable TV households.

In total, Kabel Deutschland reported about 10.6 million RGUs with cable based products for March 31, 2008; of these about 9.8 million RGUs were allotted to TV products; for cable Internet & phone in total 754,500. The comparison of total RGUs as per March 31, 2008 with the previous year’s number corresponds to an increase of 2.2%. Moreover the share of subscribers who have booked more than one product from Kabel Deutschland has increased. On an average, a Kabel Deutschland subscriber booked 1.19 products; in the previous year it was 1.12.

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