SiBEAM, Inc. Delivers High-Performance WirelessHD™ Chipsets Into Production and Touts Audio/Video and Data Capabilities

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — SiBEAM, Inc., the leading innovator of millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions and developer of high-speed wireless communication platforms, today announced that its line of WirelessHDTM chipsets has entered volume production. SiBEAM has provided sample wireless chipsets to select customers since the first quarter of 2008 and is now preparing to broadly expand partners’ product development activity.

Previous technology demonstrations of SiBEAM’s chipsets have focused exclusively on wireless video area networks (WVANs) and audio/video transmission for home entertainment centers. SiBEAM will highlight the viability of applying the technology for CE applications as well as PC virtual docking applications in the future in its demonstrations at CES 2009.

SiBEAM Chipsets Enter Mass Production

SiBEAM’s award-winning chipsets with OmniLink60™ technology operate in the 60GHz band and represent the world’s first 60 GHz chipsets to be developed and produced in CMOS. The SB9120 WirelessHD™ HRTX Transmit Network Processor and SB9121 WirelessHD HRRX Receive Network Processor have recently entered mass production and support uncompressed and lossless wireless delivery of 1080p/60 Full HD deep color video and audio. The chips’ designs enable them to be efficiently embedded into flat panel televisions, set-top boxes, Blu-ray DVD players, personal computers, laptops, home media gateways and more.

Key features include

  • Support for video resolutions from 480p/60Hz to 1080p/60Hz, uncompressed & lossless
  • Flexible interface to all major A/V processors
  • Industry standard I2S and S/PDIF interfaces accept LPCM and compressed audio formats (Dolby Digital, DTS Audio)
  • Support for 2-8 channel audio, 32-192 kHz
  • Supports primary HRP channel at up to 4.0 Gbps (mode index 0, 1, 2)
  • Supports Omni and Directional LRP modes to 10.0 Mbps
  • Achieves high-quality data transmission at up to 10-9 BER
  • Embedded CPU Manages WirelessHD protocol simplifying host interaction
  • Full support for AVC commands, compatible with HDMI-CEC
  • DTCP based content protection and data privacy provided using AES-128 CTR mode
  • Based on WirelessHD technology

WirelessHD Gigabit Ethernet Demonstration by SiBEAM

SiBEAM is showcasing the first demonstration of wireless gigabit Ethernet based on an architecture that employs WirelessHD 1.0 compliant hardware. While SiBEAM does not plan to productize this design, this demonstration is important for several applications expected to be offered by WirelessHD in the future. High-speed Sync’n Go™ solutions are one example, allowing customers to connect their set-top box to their PC or portable device and quickly transfer gigabytes of multimedia files in seconds. Another example, virtual docking with WirelessHD technology, can enable consumers to turn on their laptop and automatically connect to their printer, hard drive, and/or monitor without wires at over 1Gbps.

“In addition to its proven reliability for HD home entertainment centers based on its ability to provide uncompressed, lossless HD audio and video, SiBEAM’s chipsets featuring our OmniLink60 technology are ideally suited to computer networks that regularly transfer very large files among users,” said John LeMoncheck, President and CEO of SiBEAM. “We are also excited to announce that SiBEAM has entered volume production of its chipsets and will be the first company to offer a mass market consumer product based on 60GHz technology.”

SiBEAM’s semiconductor systems are the first and only option for true uncompressed, lossless high definition audio, video, and data at a groundbreaking 4Gbps end-to-end. SiBEAM’s chipsets are designed for consumer electronics manufacturers, PC manufacturers, network infrastructure providers and others to incorporate into their next generation product lines for wireless communications.