Elion is the first to start transmission of new generation high-definition television in Estonia

Thursday, February 1st, 2007 
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High-Definition TV or HDTV is a television transmission technology that provides picture quality that is five times sharper than standard-resolution television pictures, and which Elion will be the first to offer in Estonia. The first HDTV channel, VOOM, will start transmissions to Kaabel DigiTV customers in February of 2007.

If the resolution of a standard TV picture is 720×576 pixels, then the HDTV picture has 1920×1080 pixels. The higher resolution TV picture consists of a greater number of densely packed dots of light, which combine to create an image that is many times sharper. For the viewer, this means a TV picture that is clearer and easier on the eyes.

“HDTV is a leap in quality compared to the ordinary or standard-resolution TV offered today,” explains,” Toivo Praakel, Director of the Elion Internet and Data Communications Service. “With the addition of VOOM to the Elion Kaabel DigiTV program, we wish to prove that we are technically capable of bringing a high-quality picture to our customers already today. We hope that the Estonian TV channels will start to produce high-resolution content in the near future.”

“We are starting the transmission of HDTV now in order to be the first in the Baltic States to show our customers the future of TV broadcasting,” said Ingvar Kupinski, Director of the Elion Private Client Products Service. “If HDTV transmission is already widespread in the US and Japan and there are numerous channels, then in Europe, this field is just starting to develop and we wish to be at the forefront.”

TV pictures in the HDTV format were produced from the Torino Olympics and the World Cup competition held in Germany.

Elion Kaabel DigiTV customers can order a HDTV theme package starting on the first of February, which initially will only include the VOOM channel in HDTV format. Negotiations for adding other channels to the theme package are underway. The HDTV package will cost 95 kroons per month.

VOOM is a culture and entertainment channel, which features fashion shows, nature and travel shows, and extreme sports. The TV channel belongs to the American corporation–Rainbow Holdings. For more details about VOOM, see: http://www.nonstop.tv/

To view the channel, you will need a new generation HDTV digibox, which can be obtained at Elion business offices for 4,990 kroons starting in mid-February. The best picture quality is provided by HDTV-ready LCD or plasma TVs, which can also be purchased at Elion business offices.

Elion Kaabel DigiTV is currently available primarily in the new housing developments in Tallinn, Tartu, and Pärnu. Elion will start offering HDTV to Kodulahendus DigiTV customers in the second half of 2007. Starting next week, those who are interested will be able to see HDTV at the Elion business office located in the main Tallinn Post Office.

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